World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Who are the Majestic Twelve?

CHRIS: There was a group that was established prior to the Truman administration of leading military officials and national security central intelligence (NSA) officials assigned eyes only above top secret discretion to the UFO material, the crashes, the Beings and their ET biology etc. The technology and the reverse engineering projects were metered out into various aerospace corporations involved in the Military Industrial Complex. There were twelve members and they censored all the information even to congress, the president. Over the public domain they had absolute control of how to go about dealing with this situation.

BRENT: Why did it need to be a secret?

CHRIS: They had decided early on that it was necessary to keep the information from the public Because public Knowledge of this information would cause utter chaos in the society, upsetting the cultural, political, economic, religious and academic establishments. Such revelation would throw everything into mass confusion. It was their job to deal with this issue and still benefit from the research and development projects centered on this type of phenomena. Various members are named. You can find the list by searching the members. They were above all the normal channels.

BRENT: Why is it that Twelve seems to be some kind of celestial number?  

CHRIS: It’s supposedly very significant in the occult and astrology. There are the Twelve Tribes of Israel, there is the subject numerology, but there is another thing involved, apparently there are in fact twelve strands of ET DNA that were spliced into four pairs in the Genesis of the Human genome. In the Creation of Human Beings there were twelve separate strands of Extraterrestrial Races DNA genetically fused into four strands and there is something going on in the New Age groups familiar with this Knowledge as a factor of Consciousness to be evolved by reinstating these 12 pairs in the production of a new Human, by the way, that is going to realize its potential transcending the four and supposed to be a major breakthrough, an evolutionary step since the Genetic engineering of the Race.

BRENT: That sounds delightful..

CHRIS: We are about to realize our full Genetic potential.

BRENT: So each number has some unique significance. What else is in this number?

CHRIS: Also there are twelve months of the year. Numbers are significant in terms of a structure. There is a lot that relates to this number as a mystical mathematic number. It’s like Ghosts, it’s a curious thing. The entire Hebrew vocabulary is based on numbers - every single Word (object) has a number, every character is a number. And there is a whole subject called mystical numerology. You have numerologists like you have mystics, gypsies, channelers, fortune tellers etc.. You can go to a numerologist and have your fortune read. All pretty much in the same profession.



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