World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Can you tell me more about channeling?

BRENT: You told me that the Old Testament and the Koran were handed down to humans from Aliens, that channelers are communicating with Extraterrestrials. Can you please explain this to me?

CHRIS: This is how they communicate.

BRENT: Who's they?

CHRIS: Space People. Telepathy is instantaneous, doesn’t matter how far away you are in the Universe. It’s not a matter of distance or Space. It takes six years for the Light to arrive to Earth from our nearest star. To respond to it would take another six years. By the Time you get over there and back a whole century has gone by. Any intelligent Life form wouldn’t be using electro-magnetics to get around either by radio or Spaceship. It would have to be instantaneous like electro-gravitics where there is no Time factor anywhere in the Universe. Or through hyper-dimensional interactions.

BRENT: And channelers are able to do that?

CHRIS: I’m not saying that is how they communicate but it is possible. To say there is no (intelligent) Life out there because we haven’t gotten radio communication is foolish, same thing as the two guys in the pub making all the crop circles in the World. The SETI program, with Carl Sagan, debunks channelers and says they are full of shit. The fact is they wouldn’t be using radio waves.

BRENT: How does channeling work then?

CHRIS: It works through the dynamics of Consciousness which is a static …simultaneous. Putting it into Language is the only problem. Channelers take this information and turn it into something you can put in a book. They receive these impressions. They have this innate ability telepathically. I exchanged communication in my UFO experience and it was telepathic. But it’s not a “Word.” A Word is just a symbol for it. Channelers have the ability to communicate with Extraterrestrials telepathically in a universal way of impressions, mental Image impressions. The channeler has to be able to translate it. Like a musician has a unique talent. These guys have a unique ability. They become terminals like a seed that is planted in a person and when it sprouts that person is in communication. Most people are too unaware to recognize it.

BRENT: How come you were able to do it?

CHRIS: It had to do with the event. Somehow the object knew that my attention had been drawn to it and there was a two way cause and Effect. My general feeling was that whoever was involved in that had a terrific sense of humor. He or she or whatever it was, was being playful because it was aware that I was aware that it was aware. And it becomes obvious that this is happening. But I am not necessarily a channeler. I’m not sure that I would want to be. Muhammad of Islam was a channeler and you look what happen to him. The Arch Angel Gabriel went almost crazy trying to tell him all this stuff. Gabriel was an Extraterrestrial. That is what an angel is.

BRENT: That’s brilliant. So every time we get a new Idea it could possibly be planted by some Alien and not really our own?

CHRIS: The Veda, the Koran, the Talmud is a history book of all this. These are all the types of channeled information. The “Word of God” is channeling.

BRENT: From Extraterrestrials?

CHRIS: Yeah well you know dynamically speaking these are Space people. They are not from here. The Human being is Genetically Engineered. You have a body like a Space suit. If you want to be here you have to rent a body, like flying to Hawaii and renting a car.

BRENT: You are saying Earth is like a resort?

CHRIS: In a large sense it is. You have to wonder where that all comes from because monkeys don’t do that.

BRENT: Do you believe in evolution?

CHRIS: The Darwin theory of evolution is another fairy tale. The thing is totally false. There is evolution obviously. It’s like making a meal. You start with ingredients and you end up with a fine meal, that’s an evolutionary process. You want a house, you build a house but it takes a cause to make it work. Darwin says due to the random mutation a tornado or cyclone can Create a perfect virgin 747 by accidentally running into a heap of metal garbage. This is a quote from someone. It’s a good metaphor. The evolutionists are saying everything is a product of a freak accident. Do you know that just one living cell is infinitely more complicated than a 747? Beyond anything that can even approach it. A 747 is a rock in comparison to a living cell.



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