World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Who's running the Show?

CHRIS: I told you already. The Blue Bloods control everything that goes on in politics, the entire fucking World and World history. Their state is the entire World. All this stuff is their government and it takes place on a worldwide basis.

BRENT: And they are evil?

CHRIS: I don’t know if they are evil this is what they do. How do you define evil? It goes against all the moral codes because it is so violent and treacherous and responsible for the destruction and killing of thousands and millions soon to be billions. What if an asteroid comes and it kills millions of people. Is the asteroid evil? I think its vicious, vile, insane, and disgusting. But is it evil? Has it got an evil Intention? I don’t know. What’s evil? Is survival of the fittest evil? The majority of the Human Race is procreating irresponsibly and way out of control and carrying on in nonsensical, frivolous and mostly self destructive ways – is that evil?

BRENT: So they are beyond good and evil.

CHRIS: It’s about your sense of right and wrong and these people are above this. They are above the law, morals, ethics, everyone else, because the normal common social order can’t do that. Religion is the smokescreen for these people. This is how you deal with the general population of Earth. They define the rules of the game, they are above the rules. Whatever they decide to do, that is what needs to be done. They control the banks, the drug trade and the energy trade and the gold trade, the World Wars. And anyone who tries to do these things when not authorized, is marked a criminal. So what’s good and evil? These people push drugs and sponsor the police to arrest small Time drug pushers. It allows them to infiltrate into the public sector. It keeps the cost of the object high. Drugs are second only to gold in profit value on the planet.

BRENT: Do you think that drugs give one the ability to see through this?

CHRIS: It is possible to have them affect your Mind in such a way that it would be enlightening but it is rare and has to be done under very responsible conditions. The fact of the matter is the people dishing out these drugs don’t want anyone to become enlightened, they make fun of the shamans. If you are doing it on your own it is dangerous you won’t have a clue what’s happening and you will think you’re crazy. You have to take the responsibility to guide others through the process but there is no profit, and demonizing the subject is ridiculous.

BRENT: Why would they demonize it?

CHRIS: For publicity. You ever taken LSD?

BRENT: Yes, but I prefer mushrooms or smoking pot.

CHRIS: Yeah, pot’s ok, but there is no comparison. LSD is violently psychogenic. It will put you into an entirely different Universe. Pot is like drinking a glass of wine. LSD is intense. It’s almost Life threatening because your Mind becomes so tangled up in the circumstances that you can get so overloaded but you don’t get overloaded on pot. I took so much speed that my teeth became transparent and I lost my toe nails and finger nails and ended up in the hospital after a years addiction to meth. Actually I’ve overdosed a couple Times. You go unconscious and you wake up.

BRENT: Is this before The Light Society?

CHRIS: Yeah. Actually all my near death situations except for three happened prior to The Light Society. But you can’t say prior because I was interested in it before the navy. But does that make you a follower because you’re studying it while at the same time you’re doing drugs and experiencing a number of near lethal situations? I don’t even know what it means to be part of The Light Society



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