World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Do you Mind if I put on Ramtha?

BRENT: Go for it.

CHRIS: I’m the guy that will give you a heavy dose of acid and sit back and watch you trip out for the next 72 hours.

BRENT: I know some people like that.

CHRIS: Here you are going to become intimate with the reptilian brain

BRENT: In a good way?

CHRIS: I don’t know. In a, how do you say, bizarre way. 

BRENT: Yes it is bizarre.

CHRIS: No one can think for you but they can persuade you to think something.

BRENT: Hypnotism.

CHRIS: That’s what Language is. This whole process is based on the power of Hypnotism. That is the way Language works. You can tell someone to do the most amazing things and they will be able to do it by the power of persuasion. It is the same thing in Scientology. Now it can be done with good Intentions or deceptive Intentions, a desire to capture people and to hold them in control, to get them to do what you want them to do. I try to steer away. Guided meditation is not the way to go.

BRENT: Is she doing that?

CHRIS: She is. But I think she is doing it with a good Intention. She is becoming a solution for the people immersed in that problem. She is instructing people. Now Vipassana is totally pure. You should at least take the Time to do a Vipassana Program. It’s not going to cost you anything. She’s going to charge you a fortune to do this. But still I respect her for doing what she’s doing. When you go into something like the Catholic Church or Scientology there is no way to leave it. You are fucking yourself in the ass for eternity. That is the mechanism that they Use to enforce their suggestion over your Life. She is not telling you that. Vipassana is not telling you that. They are just providing you with a resource for learning. That is the criteria that you need to learn for judging when you should participate and when you should not participate. There is no sin or guilt or condemnation. There is no threat, no contract, no nothing.

BRENT: Ramtha talked about tricking your Mind into Thinking that it is asleep to awaken the reptilian brain.  

CHRIS: I don’t have a problem with Ramtha and whatever course that she offers to people. Whatever her purpose is I find in my own opinion to be completely validated. Its not necessarily something that I want to participate in personally but her perspective is validated in my sense of things.




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