World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Do you know what a N. D. E. is?

BRENT: What’s that?

CHRIS: It’s a near death experience. There are things about it that are very similar from person to person. The metaphysical dynamics are pretty much the same.

BRENT: Why do you think that is?

CHRIS: Because we have different packages of experiences and they have different significances. You have to understand what the Word Metaphysics means.

BRENT: You said you’ve had a number of these?

CHRIS: I’ve had a few.

BRENT: What were they?

CHRIS: These are particular Times where you almost die but you come back but that Space in Time is pregnant with all of this type of Imagery. And all that means fundamentally if you are not familiar with it then you think they are just fantasy, but if you really experience them yourself then you know subjectively the Reality of these things. They’re describing what you are describing. If you’ve had direct experience you can relate. When you see all these people saying that it is a hallucination it’s because they haven’t experienced it.

BRENT: Can you explain what you saw?

CHRIS: I’ve seen a lot of things. A lot of things I can’t explain, in vivid detail. What you’ve seen in movies you have no idea where it’s coming from, the people are so real everything is so real. You are in a World of living breathing people with structures and geographies, everything is real and you’ve never seen it before in the World and you have to say where is this stuff coming from. It takes over from the Reality and you are in a completely other place for a moment of Time, incomprehensibly more real than anything in this World Because of the detail, the things that are there, the contrast between that World and this World makes this World seem like a perverted fantasy. This World pales in comparison to it. In each case of an occasion of N. D. E. it changes the person. They never see things in the same way again. They start to see things in a more positive way, in a more compassionate way, the needs and wants of an everyday Life have no real value anymore. They become a better person, more compassionate.



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