World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


You said the other day that every single solid piece of matter is a memory.

CHRIS: Well you have to have a metaphysical definition for Consciousness.  Actually this is what Hubbard says. But there is this really stupid metaphysical question that if a tree fell in the forest and there was nobody there to witness it did it happen and they’ve reduced this to if a bear shits in the woods and the fact that everything that exists is a component of Consciousness. The process of memory is the perpetuation of an Image. A piece of matter is only an energy form that is persisting. It’s the whole theory of relativity. You are running into a trouble with Words because the actual Truth is beyond Words. We are dealing merely with mental abstractions and that forms the basis of our Reality. It is designed that way.

BRENT: Ramtha says you can change Reality by convincing yourself of something.

CHRIS: You can change Reality by becoming enlightened. If you convince yourself of something you are qualifying an artificial Reality. A cat cannot Create a pc computer or a mouse or a flower or a bird or a monkey. Our Reality is like a computer scenario, the virtual World is an artificial World. It means man made.

BRENT: Are you suggesting that the world is man made?

CHRIS: The principle that I gave you in terms of our physical Reality, the most fundamental scientific principle is that form follows function. It’s inherent in the Creation. Your intelligence is perfect but if you have a recording device that’s broken then the expressive device is broken and that is why it looks weird. The intelligence is perfect. It is its expression through this medium that is broken.

BRENT: What do you mean?

CHRIS: What’s wrong with the picture is there’s a defect in the machinery, it comes out distorted because the machinery is not perfect.

BRENT: It seems that sometimes a function has to adapt to a form. Helen Keller is a good example of someone whose function changed to follow their form, perhaps.

CHRIS: Form follows function. Take a look around you.



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