World History X

by Brent Paul Pearson


The following night we sat together again in his living room, surrounded by bookshelves filled with occult world history books.


CHRIS: Would you like another drink?

BRENT: Sure.

CHRIS: You can ask me whatever you want to and I will respond the most natural way I know how.

BRENT: Great, I just want to hear what you have to say.

CHRIS: I don’t have a problem with that. I am going to sit here and drink my bourbon and loosen up my Mind. Are you comfortable?

BRENT: Yes. I noticed that you have a few shotguns around the house. How did you get interested in shotguns?

CHRIS: Once you shoot a shotgun, the kick, the pressure, it makes an impression on you. I never shot anything bigger than a rabbit. Now-a-days I feel worse about killing a bird than I do about killing a person. The lethality rate of the gun is about 96%. They are not going to live, they are going to die. It’s not like a bullet. It’s like a watermelon taking your chest out. If it hits your arm it will take your arm off.

BRENT: Do you think that with the economy, all the things you are predicting, that you might need them?

CHRIS: I wasn’t predicting anything, I was watching everything and I got an epiphany that said go out and buy a shotgun to protect yourself. I did it. No, I don’t want to kill anyone. I had this compulsion to get a shotgun due to the economic and political scene.

BRENT: Didn't you say you were working on some sort of Dream Gun?

CHRIS: I did. Do you want to see the ammunition I prepared for it?


CHRIS [He went to the closet and came back with a box full of clear shot shells that had been filled with a golden powder]: I’m showing you this because it’s a metaphor for the information that’s in my Mind. It’s as intense and as accurate as that tangible information that I just placed in your hands.

BRENT: How does your Dream Gun work?

CHRIS: The shells are loaded with a pychotropic powder that I've developed which is capable of transporting anyone who breathes it directly into a dream state. It's non-lethal. But, we are getting way ahead of ourselves. The dream gun is a qualifying point for the legitimacy of the information I'm talking about.

BRENT: How do you know that everything you are saying is the truth?

CHRIS: Because I've spent my life studying this information and you can see it everywhere. You don’t want to believe it that’s fine. I think that’s the essence of the dream gun. What I am telling you right now (pointing an invisible gun at me) is that the reality of a dream gun is comparable to the reality of the information I’m going to tell you.

BRENT: Where do you want to start then?

CHRIS: If you don’t want to believe that then you aren’t going to have a head anymore. If I tell you something it’s as valid as that information. If you don’t believe it then you are going to lose your head.


CHRIS: So I have a Dream Gun. That’s my symbol. You understand what I’m saying.

BRENT: I do.

CHRIS: Good. Then I’d like to blow your brains out.

BRENT: Wonderful.

CHRIS: Want another drink?

BRENT: No, thanks.

CHRIS: I have to chase it or it will burn a hole in my stomach. My excuse is that, because of my job, I can’t smoke pot. When I discovered bourbon, bourbon is a close second.. If you give someone bourbon in an interrogation they’ll tell you anything. I tried to do that to you and I was the one that did all the talking.

BRENT: That’s because you’re a drinker.

CHRIS: Listen, I’m not a drinker. I did all the things that you are not supposed to do because they alter your Perception and allow you to see things that you wouldn’t ordinarily see.

BRENT: Sure. Still, you should be careful. Drinking that much can be dangerous.

CHRIS: There’s no doubt about that. But everyone reacts differently. It’s sort of scientific for me. I do it purposefully to see things that I wouldn’t be able to see ordinarily. Other people use it to get high. I do it to open up my senses. You have to understand the suppression, the calcification with the pineal gland.



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