World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Language is the essence of Hypnotism.

CHRIS: The dynamic principle of Language is the same as Hypnotism, the two are synonymous. Language works through the dynamic principles of Hypnotism. Again we are talking about abstractions. Language is a Program the same as on your computer. You don’t think the Human Mind is like a Program?

BRENT: Are we Programmed?

CHRIS: Absolutely, the whole thing is a Program from cradle to the grave

BRENT: The conversation we are having is part of the Program?

CHRIS: The ability to communicate about it is part of the Program. You can either be the Effect of the Program or you can Use the Program but you have to understand how it works and if you don’t understand then it’s like you are just a spectator in the Program, a victim of circumstances the Program generates for you.

BRENT: Some people do decide to dominate the Program, Use Humans as slaves


BRENT: I was reading about North Korea where the same person is president even though he died 25 years ago.

CHRIS: It’s in the machinery. The projection screen called Earth. If you were to take a 15” beach ball and blow it up perfectly round and project a globe of the Earth on the surface the actual area where Life takes place is about as thick as the painting on the plastic. We live on a giant cosmic Polaroid film, activated by Light. It’s a hyper dimensional projection screen. A holographic screen with a biochemical matrix (“film”) held in place on its surface by gravity, activated by the energy of the sun. It’s an intensely controlled environment, a whole planetary state of homeostasis. It’s entirely intelligent. It’s not an accident. You couldn’t drive your car on a road without gravity. Trees grow perpendicular to the center of gravity and towards the Light, in holographic vectors operating in more than six dimensions of Space and Time. Anything outside of three dimensional science is not acknowledged, you have to go to Metaphysics, from a three dimensional fixation to hyper dimensions. Each other dimension is of the same order of magnitude. Our brains are not able to conceptualize them.

BRENT: Is it true that we only use ten percent of our brains?

CHRIS: That’s what they say. Most people don’t Use their reptilian brain. The yellow matter brain is the Programmable medium. It is what Creates the sense of personal identity and the Ego qualifies us as Human Beings. It filters the primal stuff through a series of channels into the yellow brain determining what we Think is important survival mechanisms and instincts. There are six and a half billion of these Programmed in a unique way, very unique. Astrology is a Generality about all this.




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