World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Did you see the Manchurian Candidate, showing their experiments with drugs and hypnosis?

CHRIS: It’s a very old tradition that goes back into Persia.

BRENT: Using drugs with hypnosis?

CHRIS: Yes. Before Islam in Persia they would take various prospects from military camps and they would drug them heavily on hashish or opium and put them to sleep and when they woke up they would be in an artificially Created paradise with women and kings and queens and they were told that this was Heaven and that if they performed their duties in Life that this is what their reward would be in the Afterlife and so they would go out after they were Programmed in this way using hallucinogenic drugs and the set of paradise. They would be fearless in battle because they knew that no matter what this would be their reward in Heaven. This became a foundational element of religions of Heaven and Hell it’s a motivational technique.

BRENT: If you believe that you will get Heaven when you die will you?

CHRIS: No. You won’t get that because it’s a false belief it’s a Program, an implanted idea. And that is the Manchurian candidate, the person who is programmed in this way. In modern Time using depth psychology the person has been Programmed and compartmentalized in his Mind to actuate the Program that he has been instructed in without even knowing that he or she is doing that, a telephone call, a voice, a keyword triggers this Program and after its done they don’t even remember that they did it. This is a real thing, this is not a science fiction story. Its being done every single day, it’s a technology being Used called Psyops.

BRENT: Can you tell me about Korea and the Vietnam War?

CHRIS: The two staging points for the logistics of the invasion of Japan were astronomical up to 300 percent production range to invade Japan in two bases in Korea and Vietnam and Japan had already surrendered. So what happens with all these (invasion logistics) weapons? They couldn’t come back to the U.S. and couldn’t fall into the wrong hands so we have the Koreans killing 500,000 American soldiers and the Vietnam War approximated 50,000 and 300,000 committed suicide as veterans. We killed over 3 million Vietnamese using up these weapons because they had to be used up.

BRENT: Why did you say there were so many suicides?

CHRIS: Because the whole thing is a lie. They couldn’t live with what they had to do over there. They found out later that they had been lied to, deceived by their own government. Where do you go with that in your Mind? How do you figure your way through that psychological morass? They were watching their friends being blown to bits in disgusting and violent ways. The fact that you survived is a guilt trip that you have to live with for the rest of your lives. 300,000 U.S. Vets chose not to live with it (according to statistics announced by Bill Clinton).

BRENT: Did you see Jacob's ladder?

CHRIS: What about it? That’s an example of N.D.E. only it culminates in death.

BRENT: I Thought it was about drug experimenting?

CHRIS: That was part of the person’s experience. That is why he died. It was an experiment with BZ (this experimentation by the Army was actually being done using BZ in selected camps) and he was killed by his own comrades under the influence of this. He was under the influence of this too. The story is about the psychic state. He had a choice of going to Heaven or Hell. That’s what Jacob’s ladder is. It’s a biblical story.

BRENT: About choosing between Heaven or Hell?

CHRIS: Yes. It’s an Affinity state. Affinity is synonymous with whatever Love means. In this perspective what you Love is what you get. That is the Reality. At the Time of death your particular spectrum of Loves is going to lead you into the after death experience one way or another. The after death experience is an infinite potential full of billions and trillions of other Beings in a similar Resonance state. There is no scarcity of characters in this state. Your particular profile at death is going to put you into communication with all of these others. It ranges from the worst to the best, the sickest to the most healthy qualities and characteristics and so on. Your particular state of Affinity at death immediately puts you into that environment in which you attract to yourself similarities in the infinite sphere. It’s called Spiritual Resonance. If you are a criminal or a pervert this is what you are going to attract at the moment of death, if you are hysterically in fear...

BRENT: Isn't it part of the practice of Buddhism to prepare yourself for your afterlife?

CHRIS: Right, this is what the Buddhist teachings are about in presenting the Bardos. They want to assist a person dying to be in the best possible posture in the Spiritual World. If you are in fear and you are terrified and resisting everything, that is what you are going to get and it’s not going to be a pretty picture. But if you are prepared for this and you just pass away peacefully, this is what you are going to attract to yourself in the Spiritual World.



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