World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Where does fossil fuel come from and why haven't we created something better?

CHRIS: It comes from Life, from near extinction levels. The fossil remains from the bio mass of that Life is petroleum. To artificially Create this substance is trying to Create a substitute for it. The Creation of petroleum in the first place is mass death, almost 90 percent of the Life on Earth. The other way of producing petroleum is from the artificial Creation of oil (photosynthesis) through massive cultivation of a specific and very prolific specie of algae. They keep it reproducing in banks of large circulating tanks. They found that it procreates like crazy under artificially controlled conditions. From this artificially produced petroleum is being manufactured from massive algae farms made up of rows and rows of hanging plastic bags.

BRENT: I read something about plans for Transferring from fossil fuel to corn oil fuel

CHRIS: There is a lot of controversy about that. First of all, that’s being controlled by a vested interest, Genetically Engineered corn by Monsanto Corporation. They are going to make trillions of dollars. They can make more money selling it as fuel. Gasoline is a byproduct of the petroleum industry. Ethanol from corn has been obsolete for almost 75 years. These commercial interests are trying to control energy for a profit.

BRENT: Do you think it’s a good energy source?

CHRIS: There are much better energy sources. They should be growing corn to feed animals and Human Beings. Corn for fuel farming is like what is happening in Afghanistan. Instead of growing food they were growing opium because it was the number one cash crop export to feed all the heroin addicts Worldwide while the people in Afghanistan were starving. That is what’s happening with corn. Monsanto has all the patents. They will use vital farm land for ethanol production from corn rather than growing food to feed the United States and other people in the World because it’s more lucrative as a fuel product. There is no need for ethanol. There is no need to use gasoline to power cars it’s all a matter of exploitation and corporate profit.  It’s been obsolete for 100 years. All the technologies that would replace this have been suppressed. The patent office is an extension of the National Security Agency. You either shut your mouth or we’re going to kill your family. They will not release this to the General Public because they want to control the status quo.

See Appendix Note: IV re: Criminal Paradox




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