World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Gaia: Every single planet is a living being that may take a breath in and a breath out every hundred years.

CHRIS: This type of thing is incomprehensible to our living being, our sense of Time. There is a 25 year reaction cycle for planet Earth. It takes 25 years to respond. As a human, if you put your finger on a stove and you pull it out because it hurts what’s the reaction Time?

BRENT: Less than a second?

CHRIS: The Earth’s reaction Time is 25 years, that’s the difference in Perception. It couldn’t really care less what happens with a Human being. It responds ecologically to a situation with an intelligent response. It’s coming up with the right course of action to remedy these situations. The solution to all Human environmental issues is to leave the planet alone for 25 years and it will fix itself. Gaia is the Earth being. In every single micro second of Life this is represented.

BRENT: If planet Earth has everything under control then what are the enviornmental issues about?

CHRIS: All of the issues that are being brought up are political issues defining political authority, fabricating justifications for that power exemplified right now by Al Gore and Prince Philip. As long as they can convince the World that they know the solution they have the political authority. This is the National Security Agency.


CHRIS: They are just police, subordinates. They are working for these people. It’s a very complicated situation that has been going on since Time immemorial. It’s all about authority, where authority comes from. If anyone of these guys had any genuine authority they would tell you that Gaia would take care of everything

BRENT: They want money?

CHRIS: They want money, they want power and control. It’s the whole basis of the conventional political science.

BRENT: Do they need control for a reason?

CHRIS: Because of their Egos - this is where Satan comes from, the super Ego, Satanic power, Luciferian power. Read Paradise Lost, Heaven and Hell. Satan is the instrumentality of political science. That is what’s running political science today, that is what the illuminati is, George Bush, Clinton, Obama, part of this Satanic cult running the planet, the power of the Genes, the power of the witches, all comes from this particular source, the Anti Christ. This is where they derive their power, from Satan or the Devil or Lucifer the lord of Illusion, the ability to Generate an Illusion and then make others believe it and become subjects to it, that is the anatomy of Hypnotism through Language and art and currency and the most devious, the television, invented in Germany. A most devious device Created by Humans working entirely on a hypnotic basis.

BRENT: Come on, not every television program is Satanic.

CHRIS: When you rise above this you cannot stand, tolerate to even watch a commercial, the subliminal message, the focal points. Looking at an event from 20 directions, from 20 seconds. It’s overwhelming, creating a hypnotic trance, creating suggestibility, feeding anything they want to into your brain on a subliminal – stimulus response basis. That’s what’s going on in the World. Watching a video or a movie is a bit different. It’s a different frequency. It’s more coherent and has some benefit because it allows you to experience something as a communication device. Turn off your fucking television. Commercial television is insidiously controlled by political vested interests.

BRENT: You like theatre then?

CHRIS: I like theater yes, just as an art form. I like movies as an art form. Interesting thing with Sawsen (His lover "confidant") she cannot tolerate watching an American movie. We always leave the theater within ten minutes because she is bored to death. I don’t bother sharing movies with her anymore because they mean absolutely nothing to her. She likes Arabic movies and Egyptian culture because it’s part of her heritage and her upbringing. The American humor makes no sense, the relationships. It’s all ludicrous to her. In order for me to watch a movie I have to drink myself silly or smoke some pot. In the Light of day it’s just total nonsense.



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