World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


World Trade Center & The Blue Bloods

CHRIS: The World Trade bombing was set up years in advance. It was brought down by strategically placed Thermite (shaped-demolition charges) put on the main structural elements of the towers long before the event. Entire floors of these buildings are vacated all the Time for construction. Any black op construction crew could have planted the charges in the course of their retrofitting projects to sit until the grand play is made. The whole World trade center project and the owners were bankrupt before 9-11. They took out policies with AIG, one of the chief factors of our current depression of the American dollar. They insured that building suspiciously at a very close time to the 911 event. The owner of the World Trade Center is an Israeli financier. It was the Blue Bloods that brought the towers down.

BRENT: The Blue Bloods?

CHRIS: You don’t know about them? You need to do your homework. This is the number one hidden manipulator in all of contemporary history. This is what they do. You have to do a little research on them I guess. So here we have the World trade center, and we have Al Qaeda who was created by Robert Gates, secretary of defense still under the Obama administration. He Created it as a special CIA operation as a counter force against the Russian occupation of Afghanistan. He put the Taliban in power as a military operation. He is currently deploying the name of Al Qaeda as the number one culprits when they had nothing whatsoever to do with it. Osama Bin Laden has been dead for probably eight years and he is still making speeches. It’s all a stage play.

BRENT: Tell me a little bit about The Blue Bloods.

CHRIS: It’s global version of the American CIA let’s say, specializing in covert operations. It’s in its motto, this is what they do and they do it better than anybody else on the planet. Nine eleven was their operation, they do it and then publicly declare someone else did it, whoever they want to demonize in this case Muslims. This is what they do, they are professionals at this. They are the very best. Same with the Catholic Church or the Zionists or the skull and bones, Jews, the Bildebergers, Freemasons, Templars, also secret societies of China, Japan, of India, of Russia. This is what history is. Egyptian mystery schools are the same. It is a very long term sociological experiment.

BRENT: What are they trying to do?

CHRIS: Get authority, power and control. It’s an experiment.

BRENT: Why are they so convinced that they are doing right?

CHRIS: Who’s convinced? The only people that are convinced are the people who have been convinced by all its religious propaganda, that is the mechanism to Create a group focus, a group purpose, the people at the top know that’s bull shit but that’s politics, New Age politics. You have to study the Holy Roman Empire. It’s about maintaining the power elite. It’s very hard to control all that stuff. You come up with a new source of authority over the affairs of the World. It’s an authority structure, totally political. It’s like the Orwellian Language.

BRENT: Newspeak.

CHRIS: Right, it’s like newspeak. Whatever you say is the opposite of what you are saying, totally the opposite. As long as you know that, you are controlling the power (of Language). As long as you can maintain that over the education system, over the government, the congress that the General population believes the exact opposite of the Truth. What they do as soon as anyone stops believing is put them in a psychological institution. It becomes a Thought crime. They are labeled “psychotic”.

BRENT: That’s what they are doing in North Korea

CHRIS: They’re doing it here but in a far more high tech, sophisticated way. They learned all their tricks from the US. This is what we do. The guys that are running this control, the cocaine traffic and the marijuana traffic, the heroin traffic, they make a fortune off this. You cannot do it. They are mainstreaming these drugs into the US. They created the law. It’s about money. Who controls it? Take for example the Bush family, intimately involved in the cocaine traffic from central and South America. But as president of the US he was a big supporter to the “war on drugs” as a public Image. They are the number one pushers in the World. They are campaigning against any competition. They are the one destroying all the kids and college students’ brains. They are the source of the problem in the first place. That’s how ironic it is, same thing with the Rockefellers and all the American issues in Afghanistan. You have to see the utter absurdity behind this whole situation. I have files and files and books and books about all this if you want to take a year and study it. Political science is the ability to make people believe the exact opposite of the Truth and to insure through laws that if they are attempting to stray from that they are given psychiatric drugs and locked up because they are hallucinating. The Truth is actually the hallucination. You are not entitled to the Truth. The people who are running it, they know the Truth and they are deliberately manufacturing this lie and this is their stock and trade and this is the group that has controlled history on the planet for thousands and thousands of years. And there is a reason for this.


CHRIS: It goes back prior to the Sumerian civilization and prior to the biblical flood, specifically to an earlier Colonization of the planet by an Extraterrestrial Race. It goes back about 500,000 years.



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