World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


What is this Race, the Anunnaki?

CHRIS: You don’t know about this Race. The Race is called the Anunnaki. It’s the whole essence of the 2012 issue, the return of the Anunnaki. They left when the Earth almost annihilated itself due to environmental catastrophes referred to as the flood around 12,000 BC, the meltdown of the last glacial period on Earth that reduced the Human Race to about 12,000 people (some confusion here in relation to the Indonesian Volcanic event 75,000 years ago which also happened during the Anunnaki Colonization periods). This is a matter of geological and historic record. That is a fact.

BRENT: Why are those same people leading us to another environmental catastrophe?

CHRIS: Because they are the ones that are capable of surviving and maintaining their control over the situation, they are the people who have the means to Create their shelters and contingency plans. They will survive because they can. If they are Extraterrestrials they can leave the planet and come back through their Human agencies through their blue blood memberships. You have to look up the cast system from ancient India.

BRENT: I went to a lecture on that recently.

CHRIS: Who’s on the top? It’s the people with all the authority down to the untouchables.

BRENT: Aren't the untouchables becoming much more integrated?

CHRIS: Post Gandhi India does not invalidate the information about who’s at the top. It runs through all sacred literature and all mystical doctrines. The authority of this planet was given to certain Beings. They always said they would come back.

BRENT: When are they supposed to come back?

CHRIS: 2012, but not according to Zecharia Sitchin and he is the chief historian about the Anunnaki.

BRENT: And when does he say they are supposed to return?

CHRIS: He says it would be at least another 75 or hundred years after that. Because the World is going to go through a catastrophe and they will come after it’s over. That history is genuine history. There is no question about that. The Anunnaki were here. The great Pyramid was built 50,000 ago before the flood by these people. They, after the flood, had to reconstruct their Control Center to Jerusalem.

BRENT: Do they mention this in the bible?

CHRIS: Yes, it’s a history book. The Old Testament is a history text. It’s a record that goes back over 50,000 years ago. It’s just history. It’s not even religion, following the history of the Jews back over 50,000 years. The New Testament is a Created myth for very good reasons.

BRENT: How about these teachings like Ramtha?

CHRIS: They are Extraterrestrial. They don’t have anything to do with these fairy tales.

BRENT: Was LRH an Extraterrestrial?

CHRIS: He claimed to have been. All he did was Create a new and highly sophisticated Program for the evolution of “Homo Sapiens” to what he now would call “Homo Novis” (Clear and OT Human Being – “New Man”). That is why they have such a big problem with de-Programmers, because you are not allowed to know the Truth – that this Creation is really a new Programming of the Human Mind. It can be demonstrated to be a Program and susceptible to de-Programming processes that can “un-do it”.

BRENT: Why is it Extraterrestrials who do this kind of thing?

CHRIS: Because they are exterior to the Human condition, the situation with Human Beings goes back to the principle I’ve been stating. The Human being was Genetically Engineered. We have this ability today. We are currently copycatting. It’s apparent in the Human genome. Any molecular biologist can see that it was done artificially (can now see how the Genes were artificially spliced together to make the “Human” genome).

BRENT: What are you talking about?

CHRIS: There was an Extraterrestrial Race that was colonized here to get certain minerals that it needed, after Generation and Generation the workers staged a revolt. The leaders were Enki who was a scientist and Enlil who was a master politician, like Hitler. Enki Genetically Engineered the Human Race to do the work, a Colonization process that was here and ongoing for over 400,000 years. The Human component was about 200,000 years old. Homo Sapiens are a servant Race. After a certain amount of Time the working class started interacting with the Human Race because this Genetic Creation was so attractive, the women considered so beautiful that they eventually Created a Genetic cross breed between the ET Anunnaki and Humans, it’s in the bible, it’s the blue blood components that made up all the kings and emperors and czars called the Nephilim. The subservient Race is the Homo Sapiens and we are the remnants of that.

BRENT: This is all in the bible?

CHRIS: Right, this is what the Old Testament is all about. This is the Jewish religion. This is why the Jews consider themselves to be the chosen people, cross breeds between the ET Anunnaki and the Homo Sapiens to rule over the Human Race. This is what Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel talks about every Time he opens his mouth. This is his political perspective. The Israelis are the chosen people. Everyone else (being slave Race Homo Sapiens) in this entire World is utterly expendable. One Jew is worth the entire population of the non Jewish World. This is his perspective. It’s all in the Talmud. We aren’t even supposed to know about this, it is a capital offense to even know about this if you are not a Rabbi, part of the rabbinical order. And yet it has been translated. It’s all part of the way they think about things. To them blowing up the World trade center was an intensely amusing thing to do for a Tuesday morning on September 11th, 2001. Significantly more amusing, I’m sure, than their “Attack on the USS Liberty” North of the Sinai Peninsula on June 8th, 1967!

See Appendix Note: V Re: False Flag Operations

BRENT: How do I know you are not completely full of it?

CHRIS: I’m not full of it. I’m sorry to tell you. You are not supposed to hear this information. But if you go in that direction, that is what you are going to see. And this isn’t even my interest. It’s just a history lesson to put things into perspective. You just have to get all this shit out to clear the air before you can talk about what you really want to talk about.

BRENT: What is that?

CHRIS: The change that is coming, what this change actually means. That’s my focus. We are going to live through this change and it’s going to be a really dramatic Time for the US, for you. I totally expect it so it’s not going to take me by surprise and once you stop and look at it it’s completely obvious. It’s not a belief. This is what’s going to happen and all the evidence is out there in your face to substantiate it. There is no place to run and no place to hide from it. There is only one thing to do and that is understand it and come to terms with it, just like death. It’s not a bad thing. The only thing that makes it bad is your Perception of it. You need to alleviate yourself from this vast confusion and realize that there is no evil thing that’s going to happen, which is an Egotistical perspective, the only place where pain and suffering and fear and worry are coming from. There isn’t anything you can do about this just like there isn’t anything you can do about your own inevitable death.



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