World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Do you believe in Satan?

CHRIS: What do you mean Satan? You need to understand what Satan is. It is fundamentally the super Ego. It’s the state of Mind that draws its power from the Ego. Mind control magic sorcery. That’s Satanic power. Its power perverted from the Divine power of God filtered through the power of the Ego. What is there to believe in? Look around and see what’s running things. That’s what is running it. That is what it means to believe in Satan, the lord of Illusions. That is what Satanism is, focusing our Divine power through the super Ego, the power of psychosis, the power of the super Ego. It’s a collective state of Mind and the focal point is the super Ego. The obsessive state of the Ego epitomized by Lucifer, the Arch Angel Lucifer. He is the essence of the Ego in Human Beings. And the solution to the Human problem is the death of the Ego and realizing your Divine Spiritual essence. That is the whole story of Life, of Heaven and Hell. Hell is the Ego and Heaven is the realization that you are subordinate to all of Life and a participant. Hell is the mirror Image of God. Aleister Crowley knew all about this.

BRENT: I thought you said he wasn’t evil.

CHRIS: He wasn’t a Nazi spy. He was working for British intelligence. That is the essence of the British Empire, Satanism, and the occult. That is where power comes from. It’s all a by-product of the Ego. It is completely self destructive in the end by disillusionment. The whole political structure of power is based on the occult and it’s been that way for hundreds of thousands of years. You have an opportunity to break this spell. Do I believe in the Devil? Of course I do because it is synonymous with the Ego. Do I believe in it? It’s a stupid question. It’s not a matter of belief it’s a matter of Understanding what these Words mean.

BRENT: You Think Buddhism is good

CHRIS: Buddhism is what it is.

BRENT: Because it’s free it’s good?

CHRIS: No because the original Intention was good and nobody was expected to pay for it. They were just allowed to participate. It was just available to you.




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