World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Can you tell me about Tesla?

CHRIS: He was a cool guy, he had a vision. He was from Eastern Europe. It's difficult to say which country because it's been Balkanized and shifted around maybe Czechoslovakia. New science was arriving and some of the most ingenious people in the World were going through universities in that region and all this new technology that was on the cusp of the New World Technological revolution in electricity, automobiles, etc.. When Tesla was three he was a genius, he was looking at a magazine showing a picture of Niagara Falls and in his Mind he envisioned harnessing the power of the falls and ultimately he was the one who created the first electrical Generation station to do that later on in Life. He got his mission in Life when he was three years old. He became the Godfather of electrical Generation. He was combined with George Westinghouse. He created the whole electrical revolution illuminating the north east United States, a complete technological revolution. That was his postulate. That is what he did.

BRENT: What was Thomas Edison's affiliation?

CHRIS: Edison was a competitor and a total asshole. He was plugging DC current systems and Tesla was plugging AC current systems which were much more efficient. And it was necessary for Edison and his corporate cronies with JP Morgan to put him (Tesla) out of business and they did. They appropriated his science and then sequestered him in a laboratory located at Colorado Springs. And then promoted him as a complete crackpot through the newspaper and related media in the country, bankrupted him - and when he died they took all his scientific papers, documents and locked them up in a National Security vault. His ideas would have put the energy corporations out of business. It ultimately is free energy. In fact the power lines that you see are so that the electrical companies can meter and charge you for the electrical flow. It's totally unnecessary. It's been obsolete since the Time of Tesla and they packed him away Because of it. He would have made free energy available to every single person beyond belief and nobody could control it anymore than they could control sunlight. It's all just a giant control grid, the ability to control energy and charge people for it. The newspapers labeled him a complete crackpot. He was a good friend of Mark Twain. What was his name?

BRENT: Samuel Clemens.

CHRIS: I've read notes between them. Samuel Clemens was a very good writer and he wrote essays about his visits with Tesla. He was a very amusing character. He was always inviting him over and saying look at this, with wires everywhere. He loved to show off his ideas to him. I Think Samuel was his only friend because the rest of the community was out to shut him down. Ethanol is the same fucking thing. Everyone who has gone to the patent office has been threatened to death. It's the same thing with fresh water

BRENT: You were saying there's a drought

CHRIS: There's a huge drought it's an enormous problem in Southern California, an unbelievable problem. You haven't even heard the Light of day. Eventually there is not going to be fresh water here. It's one of the reasons for the depression because the expansion here is non-sustainable. The supply of fresh water is becoming more limited by the fucking day. The expansion here is not sustainable and that is why it has stopped. The financial thing that was driving this is a complete and utter fiction. It's the same all over the World, all over America. This is what 2012 means in real terms.

BRENT: Where does the water supply come from?

CHRIS: It comes from groundwater, fossil water sources, the Colorado River and various aqueducts, and snow melt and rainfall in the surrounding mountains. A major priority of Arnold Swarchenegger's water campaign is to rebuild the deteriorating water conservation and recycling systems infrastructure and to retain water flow from the mountains. He wants to start all these Programs but he doesn't have any money to do it. There is no possibility for public funding because there is no money. Now with the upcoming Nano technology, one of the chief components is that you can create a Nano filtration process that will take sea water and desalinated it through the force of gravity and it costs absolutely nothing because the natural filtration resource is carbon. You can take a sheet of plastic Nano fibers that covers approximately a square mile and fold it up into a package that weighs three pounds and is as strong as steel and more flexible then plastic. This is the Nano revolution but it's like Tesla they won't let the technology come forward. You could create unlimited fresh water with no charge. But the Powers that Be want to create a scarcity Because they can make a fortune. There are solutions but they won't be allowed because they can't make a buck off of it.




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