World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson

You said you had some near death experiences.

CHRIS: There was a cliff a ledge rock that came out to the Connecticut River and I was climbing along the ledge rock above the water and it was almost a shear drop but you could get around on it, this was in the fall around Thanksgiving. I was up against a ledge and I felt this pricking in my right knee and I pulled it back and this whole swarm of white ring hornets came out cause my knee was at the opening of their nest and they were stinging me so I let go of the ledge and fell back down into the water and I instinctively swam under water making my way between these rock pillars that I fortunately just missed. I swam and swam until I came up maybe 15 yards down river and I looked back to where I fell in and all these hornets were waiting for me to come back up for air. I started peeling off my clothes and I had hornets all through the layers of my clothing.


CHRIS: Also there was an incident at Ledgeworth Dam in Upstate NY around the rim I was showing off to my girlfriend and I jumped over the restraining wall…. There was nothing on the other side of it but a 600 foot drop. The other side had eroded away at the spot. All you know is that somebody's watching out for you whoever it might be, and there was a force that pulled me back to safety on the other side of that wall. All after the UFO sighting Mind you.

BRENT: You think you were being guided?

CHRIS: There is this higher guardian Spirit; you could say your higher self that involves itself on an emergency basis from Time to Time. When you stop and Think about it, it seems more than a coincidence. You ever experience anything like this?

BRENT: When I was maybe 12 I was riding my bicycle and my breaks went out. I rode out into traffic and had to crash my bike to stop. I remember nearly being hit by a car, having to roll out of the way into the gutter. The car just missed me and ran over my bike.

CHRIS: That is what I'm talking about. Everybody has these.

BRENT: And you escaped death a few Times in Spain?

CHRIS: When I was in Southern Spain for two years around Algiers and Morocco I had one friend who was an air traffic controller. We did a lot of drugs together, hashish, LSD, speed. You could get some of these things from the Spanish pharmacies there. He had gotten a whole shipment, blocks and blocks of hashish and I bought a couple of bars from him. On the day I was going to collect it I went through town through the base and instead of going directly to his place I decided to go to a Spanish barber in town to get a haircut, which I did while the Spanish police raided his place and carted him off to jail. If I hadn't detoured for that hair cut I would have been arrested along with him. We had been using a lot of speed and he was crashing on speed when he was locked up and I was supposed to sneak around the jail and throw him some bottles of speed and I didn't have the guts to do it. I felt really bad about that. At the very last minute I decided to go and get a haircut instead of sit around and smoke hashish and listen to old Time blues recordings. They all got General discharge and I ended up in the hospital Because of speed. Every Time I would lie down I would be attacked by these Extraterrestrial blobs that were cannibalistic unearthly creatures of utterly weird geometric proportions, every Time I closed my eyes. I couldn't sleep for many days. Eventually I ended up in the hospital. They dried me out gave me Maalox with paregoric (opiate) derivative. I Drank soup broth and ate jello for a couple of weeks. After that I spoke to him over the radio in the Crash Shack (the crash and rescue) where I was assigned. He welcomed me back, wanted to know how I was doing.

BRENT: Where?

CHRIS: He was in the air traffic tower. We always communicated Because he knew what was happening you had to ask him for clearance to cross the runway, do this do that… while he was monitoring the air traffic on our airfield called Rota Naval Air Station located right down in the straits of Gibraltar near Cadiz where Columbus sailed out on his mission to find the New World, actually to find as short route to India and gold. He ran into the New World by accident. Cadiz was one of my favorite places to hang out, smoke hashish and drink San Miguel in the bar. Dirt floors in the bars and cobble stone streets if you can imagine it and the floors were covered with wood chips and peanut shells. And they would serve us fried calamari and cervesas. We also had a submarine port and the Russians had a submarine port there too, across the bay.

See Appendix Note: VI Re: Other NDE Experiences

BRENT: Why does it seem that the Russians are outside of all this?

CHRIS: It's because you are living in America. You have to visit to get the Russian perspective. It's like the New York Times of Russia. I read it every day and they have a lot of pictures of beautiful women. They talk about exo-politics and crop circles on the front page.

BRENT: Is there a separation from the people who run our World?

CHRIS: No, its the same sort of people who run the BBC or the New York Times but it's from a Russian perspective. It has a very distinct bias to it. All I can say is that Russian woman are a lot more beautiful than American women (in my opinion). So they can't go wrong really. They are going to endure, they are a tough people and they are not going to take any more nonsense from the Americans. They have all the Nuclear weapons and the most advanced rockets. We are opting for a Russian Space Program because their technology is ahead of ours now. China is getting into this picture too but they are in for a surprise.




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