World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson

The Moon is private property

BRENT: By who?

CHRIS: Good question. I have a whole folder about it. It would be rather difficult to explain the enigma of the Moon. It's older than the Earth and its hollow. It's actually a Space fairing vessel, a Control Center for environmental conditions on the Earth.

BRENT: And it's inhabited you Think

CHRIS: It's inhabited yes, it's been inhabited. It's intimately involved in the development and maintenance of the biosphere of the Earth. It controls the tides, the seasons but it's more than that, it's an actual Control Center for organic vibratory frequencies. You might say that it has the ability to maintain Life, control the outcome, whatever happens on this planet. The Earth has experienced nearly seven primary near extinction level events. If you look it up in our geological history the actual divisions of this record are these near extinction level events, these outline the charted periods of Earth's geologic history. Right now we are living in a World in the end result of a chain, a series of incidents. We are living in the remaining 1 % of all the Life that has ever existed on this planet. The heartiest species on the planet discounting the photo plankton in the sea are the insect community and the bees. Most of the vegetation we have around, the trees that are hundreds of millions of years old, their entire reproductive cycle is handled by the bees. They have been around just as long as these. When I say form follows function this is a tool to see what's going on in nature. The bees have carried on about their business for well over 400, 500, I'm saying 750 million years. The last event that we are drawing petroleum from was 350 million years ago, a massive event. And the bees survived and Life was rejuvenated, repaired in about 25 years which is the reaction Time to a catastrophic event. You have Al Gore and his global political control mentality mechanism and it doesn't have anything to do with mankind. That is why I talk about the Human Ego being such an insane thing. The Earth is totally capable of repairing itself through its combination with the Moon. It's a high tech structure that has endured for billions of years. Anything that Human Beings do is really just scratching your ass. Mankind has nothing to do with solving these issues it's a complete political farce. You have to look at Al Gore appointed by Prince Philip as the global environmental czar and he is involved in the depopulation of Earth and he is going to call it an act of God but it's all cloaked in environmental issues. I suppose it really doesn't matter. The natural catastrophes have destroyed more Life on this planet before Humans were even here, gone through transformations and weeded out all the unnecessary Life on this planet all by itself. The whole Human issue is a political issue. The ecological issue is just a cover story for mass genocide which is about to occur, they've already started in Africa, in the Middle East, in China, making it look like a natural reaction when in fact its Engineered in a laboratory. I tell you quite frankly mother Earth could care less whether the Human Race is here or not. In the bigger picture the Human Race is not very important at all. It's just allowed to be here as long as it can keep from killing itself.

BRENT: I like that!

CHRIS: It's the Truth. I have all Al Gore's material and it's very compelling but it's all bull shit.



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