World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson

The fundamental source of petroleum.

CHRIS: An event occurred, an extinction level event prior to 350 million years ago. Petroleum is a fossilized form of a liquid biological mass of such massive proportions from the seas predominantly, a dead mass of protein and oils of such astronomical proportions. A whole lot of bio mass that died simultaneously due to a Near Extinction Level Event and it had to go somewhere, the proteins and fats and all oils are made and biologically stored by this stuff. All converted by a complex biological process called photosynthesis into this mass that was geologically contained after these extinction level events and then chemically reconstructed crude oil deposits as the source of fossil fuels and petro chemical products that we take so much for granted today.

BRENT: It converts this?

CHRIS: It's like a solar cell. It takes Light. In the oceans you have masses of photo plankton that make up the Life blood of the oceans and they convert solar energy into organic matter. There is no way it happens by accident. It is an extremely complex and chemically specific process. The end result in an extinction level event is this massive volume of dead bio mass. Tuna fish, whales, dolphins, schools and schools of sea bass and all the photo plankton and seaweed that these guys feed on - it has to go somewhere and where it's gone – it's been converted into petroleum crude. That's the fossilized "blood" left over from all this stuff, it's oil. It stores all the energy of the photo synthetic process, a storage battery of solar energy. When you burn it you are fundamentally releasing the sunlight. They reverse this fossilization process through a process called (chemical) cracking. Rather than it just being dead matter - it doesn't just stay in the ocean it floats to the surface, its oily substance is Lighter than seawater. It then gets geologically encapsulated through thousands of years. It's basically fat oil that contains all the sunlight (energy) absorbed and converted by the living process of photosynthesis over all those years.

BRENT: Can you tell me about Pangaea?

CHRIS: As I understand it one specific event occurred when the Earth was a bit smaller than it is now with just one continent called Pangaea surrounded by one continuous ocean. Eventually something happened that shattered the integrity of that arrangement and it broke up into parts that drifted away to form all these continents that we know and live on today. This is the result of that fracturing. Whatever caused that caused perhaps the most major extinction level event of all Time as it killed off most of the Life in the sea and on Pangaea at that Time. The oil doesn't come from dinosaurs bones dead plants or trees, or tar pits, the tar pits are left over from the sea wash. The source is predominantly from the sea. All this stuff is gradually washed away and eventually deposited in specific geological formations after originating from the sea. The land was fractured and over millions of years it drifted apart into the puzzle pieces that we live on today. I sent this to you.


CHRIS: Life is teeming in the oceans, unimaginable quantities of Life, it's full of fish, it's full of photo plankton, seaweed, it's just a soup of Life. And here's a planet traveling through Space maybe somewhere in the vicinity of 180,000 mph in a trip around the sun rotating at 1000 mph on its axis in order to make one trip around the sun….

BRENT: The Earth…

CHRIS: Yes the Earth. So out of the blue, not out of the blue cause its entirely intelligent, a ball of uranium like a canon ball 5 miles in diameter impacts the Earth however fast it was going, probably 180,000 mph in the opposite direction, impacted the Earth in the seas and Because of the cosmic dynamics of this event, and uranium being uranium, it went right to the center of gravity of the Earth and lodged itself there.

BRENT: This was 300 million years ago?

CHRIS: Prior to 300 million years ago when it did that the displacement of the mass caused an expansion of the size of the Earth and it fractured the land mass into pieces subsequently drifting into the continental areas we know today. And that ball of uranium is still there today, but it was fired at the Earth. There is no way that could have happened by accident. Because of the whole dynamic picture of this event and its ultimate long term consequences - it had to be intelligently (creatively) designed.

BRENT: Does this theory have a name?

CHRIS: I call this astro-engineering or there's another term called Terra Forming. In other Words it basically says the Earth is an Engineered structure and this is all part of finalizing this structure. They don't build the Earth with nuts and bolts like you would build a bridge or a skyscraper, whatever built this is much more than Human, I wouldn't even try to imagine what it looks like it, probably doesn't even have a form, it realizes its form by taking up Life forms on the planet creating a variety of Life forms on the planet. But first it engineers the planet to have the capacity to do this and the Moon plays a significant part in controlling the flow of Life and the ecological homeostasis of the planet. The homeostasis of the body is an example of the homeostasis of the planet. The planet is a living being. It's a giant living body that's called Gaia from James Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis. Sheldrake talks about this but it's full of big Words. Once you get through the big Words you realize the simplicity of it or the meaning anyway. This shit happens throughout the Universe just like bugs hitting your windshield.

BRENT: What is the Heisenberg probability?

CHRIS: It's called Heisenberg probability based fundamentally on the proton slit experiment. It's called the uncertainty principle where a proton "decides" to go one way 40 % of the Time and the other way 60% of the Time but no one can predict which way it will go at any Time!

BRENT: Thats confusing.

CHRIS: Another one to look up is the holographic boundary, what makes the matter energy Space Time continuum that we live in, a complex suspension of mass like a inconceivably vast cosmic cloud. It accounts for the matter energy Space Time continuum. That continuum is called a hologram but it's a hyper dimensional hologram.

BRENT: I'm writing this so I have something to reference.

CHRIS: Well you happen to be living it. The Moon controls the respiratory cycles of Human Life, your respiration, heart beat and the circulation of blood are governed by it. As well as the reproductive process, the stream of Life, the tides, as salmon flock every year to their upstream breeding waters and many, many more cycles controlled by the Moon's influences over the Earth that are not quite so visible. This is the heart of astrology and that is why astrology is a legitimate science that has been turned into a spurious fantasy. To say you don't believe in astrology is to say you don't believe in all the fucking nonsense about horoscopes in the tabloids but the Effects of the Moon and the Sun integrated into the biological processes on Earth, not just the biological, the Spiritual realms, the ether, it's all interactive, energy dynamics. It's called Metaphysics. The principle here is: "form follows function" in Creation, integrated intelligently. Intelligence is the creative function.



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