World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson

What is this Alice in Wonderland physics?

CHRIS: When we talk about science we are looking at an "Alice in Wonderland" point of view, a "Through the Looking Glass" perspective, because our Perception of Reality is all reversed. Modern science looks at the Image through a mirror and tries to define everything within the context of the surface structure of the mirror. It takes the mirror apart, the reflection, and tries to explain why the mirror is creating the Image. It's not creating the Image it's just reflecting it. We perceive a reflection.

BRENT: What is the source of the image?

CHRIS: The source is from somewhere else. The mirror is merely reflecting the Image. This Image (or Reality as we know it) is a combination of hyper dimensional forces (energies) caught in suspension and this is the Creation of Time, how long this process endures is the unique suspension of forces and this is called the holographic boundary in quantum physics, exotic physics. In Metaphysics the thing that holds this together is called Love or Affinity, Law of Attraction, Spiritual Resonance. Its art form and coherency is held together by Love, "Symmetry." Where there is a violation of this you get destruction, "Broken Symmetry." You remove the Affinity and Creation disintegrates. That is Life itself. When people are talking about God they are talking about Love, Life and Light. You take anyone of those out of it and the Creation disintegrates. If you take the Love out of a family what do you have? You don't have a family anymore you have a war. That's what happens when God is missing from the picture.



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