World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson

The contenders for the New World Religion, who are they?

CHRIS: I'm sure Scientology is one of them. Perhaps 20 years ago Joseph Campbell and his power of myth series, his chief proponent was this PBS commentator on TV a guy by the name of Bill Moyers.

BRENT: And he is a member of the Bilderbergers?

CHRIS: He is a member of the CFR and the Bilderbergers. He is a chief character on PBS and also adviser to the Clinton white house.

BRENT: Who are some other contenders?

CHRIS: There is the Sedona Conference in Arizona, the Esalen Institute and the Stanford Research Institute to name a few, also The Tavistok Institute.

BRENT: They are doing religious studies?

CHRIS: They are scientific and pseudo religious groups, conferences, research centers etc. working on establishing New Age philosophies for our Times having to do with the integration of science and Spirituality, Metaphysics into a New Age religion fit for a position in the New World Order replacing the old religions (Buddhism not included) as Christianity, Judaism (not a religion actually it's a history) mainly Christianity, the Catholic Church; and Islam, which is also a contender right now for a World Religion getting a lot of promotion. It's taking the same situation emperor Constantine had in 325 AD but applying it to the entire World. This is beyond Christianity but providing the same role for the World that Christianity did for the Roman Empire.

BRENT: Who are the Bildebergers?

CHRIS: They are a group of the leading people in the World, the elites, the round table, CFR, the bankers; it's a meeting that happens maybe twice every year to come up with a cohesive agenda for the World based on the individual members' spheres of influence in the World. Nothing is written down. It's all verbal, there are no notes taken, no press coverage. All the members are under an oath of confidentiality. They walk away from this briefing with their own intuitive sense of purpose and application in the global economy, body politic, geo politic. They come from every single sector of power and industry and culture. Bill Moyers is a member of this group. They meet by invitation only. The MC of the group is David Rockefeller and Prince Philip and the Queen of England are always present.

BRENT: She's there?

CHRIS: She is always there and the Belgian Prince is there. But David Rockefeller has been the MC. He was also chairmen of the CFR for a number of years. There were two Bildebergers meetings this year. Things are moving very fast. There was a meeting in Montreal some months ago. And there is another one scheduled very soon to take up extraordinary circumstances in the World.

BRENT: What is the CFR?

CHRIS: The Committee of Foreign Relations as the American version of the Round Table Group established by Cecil Rhodes. The Round Table Group is made up of what they call The Royal Institute of International Affairs in Brittany and France and Belgium.




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