World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson

Who was Apollonius of Tyana?

CHRIS: Right… he was a character, a very well Loved and documented Spiritual teacher, a character at the Time that Jesus Christ (for which there is no actual record) was supposed to have existed. He studied in India in the East and brought back Eastern philosophy into the Roman Empire; and had established several churches throughout the empire that were in communication – shared letters and such. It was suggested that he was the model as a representation for the early Christian Church in the New Testament. The letters and everything that were exchanged between his churches became the documented scriptural foundation for the New Testament three centuries later but "Christian" names were interpolated into them to Generate the idea of Christianity. The legitimacy of this Christian Church was laid over the World of Apollonius of Tyana and the names were changed, similar to what they did with the astrological holidays of the old "Pagan" calendar. You had the birth of Christ replacing the birth of Caesar, Easter, The Resurrection, replacing the Spring Festival of the Pagans, Christmas replaced the winter solstice, the Passover was renamed. This became the Christian calendar, having to do with astrological dates from the Pagan traditions and if you didn't except them you were put to death. The reasons why the Jews couldn't be the state religion were obvious.


CHRIS: Because Judaism is not a religion for one thing, it's a tradition – a distinct Race of people. It wouldn't be acceptable to non Jewish people anymore than non Jewish people would be acceptable to Jews - just like you couldn't establish Judaism as the State Religion of the United States or the rest of the non Jewish World.




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