World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


CHRIS: Do you understand anything about the Third Eye?

BRENT: I went to a lecture and this young woman started talking about the reptilian brain.

CHRIS: Do you know anything about Chakras?

BRENT: She talked about that too. I’ve seen videos and diagrams and been told about them in Yoga classes but I still don't quite understand.

CHRIS: You have to study it. I can’t explain this to you, they are energy vortexes. There are approximately eight of them, centers of Perception and viable energy that control the basic Life support systems of the body. It’s a very complex thing.

BRENT: Kundalini yoga can help me understand this, right?

CHRIS: You are going way past it. You are jumping the gun, if you don’t understand Chakras you don’t want to deal with Kundalini, not until you understand Chakras. It’s a whole university course for a year. You are playing with fire and you have no idea what you are doing. That’s a more advanced area of study. It’s like fucking with Nuclear physics when you don’t even know what electricity is. It’s totally presumptuous. From the day that you were born to the day you were a child and then a toddler then middle school etc you can study Chakras for five years before. It’s like handing someone a stick of dynamite. You have to understand what the fuck you are dealing with in the proper gradient. It’s just a fucking word. 2-3 years from now you can play with Kundalini. It’s totally foolish. There is a learning process involved you have to have the patience and the Time. Give it a couple of years. I’m not even interested in Kundalini. You can fuck Kundalini if you want. But if you are going to you have to start at the beginning. Get the right teacher.

BRENT: What's first?

CHRIS: Understand Chakras, your feet, your legs and thighs and your neck and your arms and your elbows and fingers and neck and eyes and then you arrive at the Third Eye long before Kundalini.

BRENT: Why is Kundalini the last part?

CHRIS: Because it’s based on the Understanding and integration of all those other things.

BRENT: You were talking about Extraterrestrials, does this have anything to do with that.

CHRIS: Of course, what’s your next question? I’m glad it’s only Saturday tomorrow.



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