World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


BRENT: Can we talk about secret societies?

CHRIS: They happen to be a part of Life, an essential part of World history. You need to be able to take these factors into consideration for your Understanding of Reality. But that’s only part of the process. Once you get a grip on that, which is so obvious and in your face, until you understand that you are just pissing into the wind. I can only give you the guidelines.

BRENT: How far back does this go?

CHRIS: What kind of a question is that?

BRENT: You keep saying that the people in control have a lineage that goes back beyond the Pharaohs, with these Space Beings, and secret societies running everything.

CHRIS: It goes back about five hundred thousand years. But actually it goes back even further. It’s just that the current Reality is hinged on a manufactured history of the Human Race.

BRENT: Which began five hundred thousand years ago as far as we know?

CHRIS: As far as the Old Testament goes, as far as the Vedic literature goes.

BRENT: You believe those documents contain information about the existence of secret organizations responsible for creating and controlling the Human Race?

CHRIS: I Think it’s just obvious if you look around and are really perceiving the World around, it’s obvious. It’s not about believing. Who do you think you are? What is happening with you?  And I’m telling you it comes from at least five hundred thousand years ago. That form, this particular cultural Reality into which you were born.

BRENT: I’m trying to understand what you are saying.

CHRIS: If you are asking questions, if you have a spark of intelligence then you are looking at this from a perspective of possible progression. I have all the Time in the World. If you have a question I will try and answer. You are the one that has to realize this. That is your body, your Reality, your situation. I can only give you my advice, and that is the entirety of Buddhism and Zen, with good will and charity, a clear Mind, and a good state of heart. You have to go in that direction. It’s not my responsibility, it’s yours and there is nothing more I can do. You have to do this for yourself.



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