World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson

Who are The Rosicrucian's?

CHRIST: That is AMORC The Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosy Cross - an Egyptian mystical tradition. It goes back to the Egyptian Empire dynasties; and the Sumerian Empire, back to the Phoenicians, and going back to before the flood of around 12,000 BC.

BRENT: What was their belief?

CHRIST: It's a whole school of Thought and extra sensory abilities - you could study it for years. Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Telekinesis, an ancient mystical sciences - probably holds over from the Anunnaki sciences. That's its tradition.

BRENT: This is black magic

CHRIST: Black Magic? We are talking about sorcery and yeah and it is an abstraction from that. You have to go through and put these things into historical context. Crowley practiced sorcery as he called it "Magick" (with a K) - he was a witch. You don't find a direct association between AMORC and Witchcraft but a much closer association between Magick, AMORC and the 13th Century Jewish Kabala.

BRENT: You don't?

CHRIST: I don't know of any association but the occult embraces all these (secret) traditions and then you have another interesting group called the Sufis. Now the Sufis, and Muhammad when he Created Islam had only the highest things to say about them - they were there before the Greeks. They don't make a lot of noise but they are an extremely potent group. They are referred to in Islam as the Mystical Order of Islam. They were integrated into Islam without a problem yet they have been integrated into about every other religion in the World because their stuff is so esoteric that it doesn't mean anything to the General population. Very interesting group!

BRENT: They seemed like a fun group

CHRIST: If you were to choose a religion you should choose that one. It's not a religion actually but it's a very good substitute for one if that's what you need.

BRENT: Who are the Freemasons?

CHRIST: The thing about them is they are from the Crusades and their connection is to the Rosicrucians, the builders and engineers; and the architects of stone works. Their works are seen in all The Churches and the Temples, the Classical Buildings and the Capital Buildings. This is what they do at the civic level, they are supposedly descendants of the ones who built the Pyramids, so of course they are connected to AMORC. They did not build the Pyramids, the Pyramids were all ready there. Those buildings are about 50,000 years old, but they have descended from this lineage.

BRENT: Can you tell me anything about Merlin?

CHRIST: In the King Arthur mythology he was the mystical "Aleister Crowley" sorcerer, adviser of King Arthur's court. Every king has one, a metaphysician advising him. It's like the President has his cabinet of specialists to advise him. He was an astrologer and astronomer, a magician and psychic, an alchemist, a clairvoyant, a mind reader, a fortune teller. He would weave a spell for the king over entire nations, tell the exact Time to do a battle, forecast celestial events, lunar eclipses and if anyone fucked with him he would tell them how he would darken out the sun in retribution because he knew the exact Time of a solar eclipse and the King's people would say we'll do whatever you tell us to do because he was wielding this secret information as a political power; and that's what Crowley was about.

BRENT: Can you tell me about the Phoenicians?

CHRIST: They were sailing all around the World and were merchants, remember Sinbad? They are also the architects of the phonetic alphabet - the Language, phonetics. That's Phoenician. They created our spoken Language. They were prior to the Egyptian civilization but the Pyramids were there from a much prior civilization

BRENT: Who made the Pyramids?

CHRIST: That was supposedly the Anunnakis but they are Extraterrestrials. They Genetically Engineered Homo Sapiens and it was possible for them to have sex with their Genetic Creation and the racial product of that was the Nephilim. The Freemasons are ultimately descended from them.



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