World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson

Why did they have sex with them?

CHRIST: Because they could, the workers entertained themselves by having sex with the Homo Sapien women (men girls and boys too I imagine) who were considered very beautiful.

BRENT: LRH talked about this?

CHRIST: He never talked about this. He had absolutely nothing to say about this that I know of.

BRENT: You also said he never talked about DNA

CHRIST: He didn't know anything about DNA or if he did he never said anything about it that I know of. It wasn't established as a science until 1984. The same Time (PCs) computers came out. He never mentioned any of this stuff I imagine because he didn't know any of it.

BRENT: If he could recall his past lives how come he didn't know about DNA?

CHRIST: That's his business I guess.

BRENT: He said that he was Cecil Rhodes in his prior Life.

CHRIST: Yes, then he said he was Buddha prior to that. That he is Matreya to come. Then he said he was a Roman officer during the Time of Christ. He retraced his steps along the Mediterranean where he had a garrison. Prior to that he claims to be an Extraterrestrial and he made a bet with a group of ETs that he could do something to handle the situation here on Earth; he Created Scientology to win a bet, according to Owen Starky - Nan Starky who was the senior Case Supervisor (in the early days) on the planet. Her husband Owen had had a heart attack and was sent to the RPF for misappropriation of Church funds he used to cover the medical expenses of bypass surgery and subsequent medical treatment.

BRENT: RPF is where you go when you get sick?

CHRIST: RPF is where you go when you are considered (dev-t) developed unnecessary traffic on someone else's lines, Useless or a major liability to them. If you're sick it's out ethics and a violation of your contract.





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