World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson

Afterlife Ghosts and things like that

CHRIST: I believe in Ghosts. At this stage in Life if you don't believe in astrology chances are I don't believe in the astrology you don't believe in. If you don't believe in Ghosts I don't believe in the Ghosts you don't believe in. It's in the definitions. If you have the proper Understanding it's not a matter of belief - it's a matter of Perception and knowing and Understanding what it is. In that case there is a blanket response to all of those questions.

BRENT: What is it then?

CHRIST: A Ghost?


CHRIST: It is a disembodied Spirit. A phantom remains. It also means a hyper dimensional being, a being that can pass right through the physical World. We are all Ghosts in essence. You have a dimensional Reality of comparable magnitude. You have them more or less interfering with our Reality and at Times there's a conjunction, an interference – it's like a color wheel where you have all distinctive colors and when you bring them together, merge, you Create the whole array of colors in the spectrum, this is what happens when our Reality and Universe comes into contact with an adjacent Reality and each Reality is a Ghost to another Reality, it's like a radio station that is being interfered with by another station. You ever see that on TV channel where you get another station's channel interfering with your station and you start to see and hear bits and pieces of another station mixed up with your station? That's were most Ghosts come from. This is not the only Reality it's just a station, a channel on a giant cosmic, holographic TV and with the ones that are close that resonate closely - sometimes there are interferences on upper and lower band signals. You are trying to catch the carrier signal being bounced off the atmosphere and it gets mixed up sometimes with other signals. There are all different types of Ghosts actually. You also have Ghosts that are remnants of a Life form or person.

BRENT: Like a reverberation

CHRIST: An echo that sort of hangs around, they say it has unfinished business. They are maybe moronically attached to a house, a place, a thing, a person, an object. You were talking about crop circles being faked using photo shop. The whole story of Ghosts can be faked. It has to be real to you. There's a lot of entertainment and sensationalism about this unusual subject because it's compelling and eventually the line between Reality, fact and fiction, gets blurred. There are such things as Ghosts but most of the stories you get are bullshit. You see a crop circle and you instantly think someone created it on photo shop. How do you know? Maybe it's real maybe it's not. The government itself fakes them to prove that it's fake. It's part of the campaign to suppress the issue. Then you have people out there who have encountered a Ghost and it has had traumatic Effects on their Life and they are not lying to you. And then there are other people who are just bullshit sitting around the bar making up stories. If you actually had an encounter with a Ghost you would fucking believe in Ghosts. Do I believe in Ghosts? No I don't believe, I know because I met one.


CHRIST: When you get into Metaphysics the most awesomely magical incredible thing you can imagine is that you are existing here in the first place and yet you just take it for granted? Do you believe that you are here? It's a stupid question. Do you believe this? I don't believe you're there you are just a figment of my imagination. It's ridiculous. This is the nature of Reality. That's what's happening, that's the experience. If you are not experiencing anything you are dead, unconscious, brain dead. And if you are experiencing Life then that is the most magical thing in the entire Universe, it doesn't get any more magical than that and you want to put up blinders saying I don't believe this and I don't believe that. The very fact that you are here experiencing in the first place, there is nothing more incredible then that and it is beyond your imagination. You can't even imagine that your very existence is the most incredible thing that ever will be.




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