World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


BRENT: You were telling me about ancient Space Control Centers managing space travel.

CHRIST: The Space ships were using a heading toward Mount Ararat and the Twin Peaks emulated by the Pyramids of Egypt. At the new Control Center in Jerusalem you can align yourself with these peaks when you are coming in from the air using them as a landmark. According to Sitchin's chart in the original landing field they were coming into Mesopotamia aligning themselves with the rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. There are maps that show all the geometry of that. Something happened in Mesopotamia that flooded it out and made it uninhabitable for a long period of Time so they had to change their landing co-ordinates - directions and Jerusalem, according to Sitchin, became the new Control Center. It's like an airport but it's a Space port. It ties in historically and traditionally - explaining why these areas are so important. It's important Because it Used to be the Space Control Center for the Anunnaki civilization when they were involved with maintaining their colonies on Earth and when they departed they placed their trust in a certain group of Humans to care take of it until they came back. Whether they are going to come back we don't know but if the cycle holds true the cycle of their planet Nibiru and its solar companion the "Dark Star" system will be closest to Earth in something like 2075. There is some anticipation of its return and perhaps that has something to do with the second coming mythos - Words Used by the fundamentalists. That they were here before is beyond question as they have left numerous archeological sites since their first Colonizations some 500,000 years ago and if they are that old we have nothing that can compare with that - we can't even imagine what a culture that old would be like. Sitchin says that they're royalty are constantly in-fighting with themselves, that their social system is set up in that way and our Human monarchies are following that same pattern. It explains quite a lot, why these religions are the way they are, why the World is the way it is. The stuff that we have today, back in the 1950s was pure fantasy. It is so much more than even the fantasies that our kids take it for granted today. All of this stuff makes sense. It's not mythology or imaginary it's an actual account described in more primitive terms and today we can make more sense out of it because we are doing the same things.



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