World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Can you tell me about LSD and TRs?

BRENT: When you were doing TRs you said you would see colors like you were on acid. What is a TR?

CHRIS: It's a training routine, confronting another person – prospective preclear drills. You've done TRs right?

BRENT: Yeah. What do they do?

CHRIS: You are supposed to be able to sit there and confront another person comfortably. It's a prerequisite for auditing discipline.

BRENT: When you were on acid you talked about seeing the insides as if you cut someone open some Time, the organs, muscles, veins, and the bones.

CHRIS: It's like a MMRI or a CAT Scan

BRENT: And you were seeing these colors swirling around the other person during TRs?

CHRIS: Right, because I'm sitting there confronting the other person after I had experience with LSD. What I was confronting was all of this, all the mechanical biological mass of complexity. When you did TRs did you see colors swirling around?


CHRIS: You don't see that.


CHRIS: I find it very distracting. I see the mechanics of the eyes, the jaw, the breathing and colors of energy, different colored energy swirling around the person especially around their head and I'm not seeing a person any more I'm seeing an extraordinary display of Light Effects.

BRENT: For me it would just get blurry and then go in and out of focus. I proabably didn't do as large of a dose.

CHRIS: It was much more colorful for me. It's like looking at one of these impressionistic paintings Van Gogh or Picasso or Renoir. In the impressionist technique, the closer you get you see this technique at about 5 to 10 feet with the Light hitting it the right way. The closer you get the more the technique strikes you. It becomes blurry as you say but it's all full of color.

BRENT: Do you think that you see more color Because of your acid experience?

CHRIS: I think that I try to understand the Effect for what it is and what it means. I try to interpret what it is I'm seeing. Like you say, it's out of focus cause I'm not just confronting this superficial appearance (that is only skin deep) I'm confronting everything about the body, all the energy that is contributing to that event which is the person appearing before you. It's full of colors and details that go behind the surface of the skin, it becomes rather extraordinary Because you are looking at a living robot and you can see all the mechanics and the whole process of this living organism is displayed in front of you, I guess you are getting distracted by the body. They are expressed in more than just Words but in flows of color. What is a smile for instance? Or a frown? All these movements and expressions of the body are controlled by energies and those energies are illuminated to a certain level of Perception. You can see the qualities of the colors and the combinations of the colors actually mean certain things. The expressions are just the final product of all this energy in conflux.

BRENT: During the TRs would this be a distraction?

CHRIS: I had the impression that I had to go through all that and just sit there with the person. The more I did the TRs the more intense all of this stuff became to the point where I can say I can accept all of this and move on. If you are seeing all of the electronics and the electromagnetic waves its distracting. I just happen to be curious about all that stuff. I try not to think about it all that much. When you get older you say this is the way that it is and you accept that the person is just communicating through this medium. Everything has a skin or a cover that shields you from the insides. When you cut it open there are wires and magnets all kinds of guts - but normally you don't pay attention to all this stuff Because the purpose of the device is the Effect that it renders - but that is not what I see. I see what they are made up of, it's extraordinary.



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