World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


I collected all this information about Ghosts Because you asked me about it.

CHRIS: I'm not particularly interested in it. I don't want to attract them. I like a Ghost free environment.

BRENT: How do you know I'm not a Ghost?

CHRIS: Because a few people have seen you.

BRENT: Since when, how do you know I didn't die a couple weeks ago?

CHRIS: I don't care if you are or you aren't. You are here and you are talking to me. It's nice having you around, most of the Time it's not good to have Ghosts around because it's not a good indicator of where the person's at.

BRENT: Why don't you think it's a good indicator?

CHRIS: Just Because of the nature of what a Ghost is or the definition of a Ghost.

BRENT: So you think it's better to be associated with living people

CHRIS: Unless you are a medium and you make a living at it finding people who want to talk to dead relatives. In some cases they say things that nobody could possibly know.

BRENT: Is this similar to Remote Viewing?

CHRIS: Perception is infinite. You asked me a question, you started to ask me a question about this when you were watching Ramtha and she was telling you that your eyes don't see, your ears don't hear. They are incapable of the Perception of sight. They are just devices. So if you are going to perceive a Ghost then you are dealing with an optical Illusion or a reflection of something.

BRENT: A reflection?

CHRIS: Everything you see is a reflection. If you are communicating with Ghosts on a conscious level then it has something to do with your power of Perception and how it's being channeled into this discreet function. You have infinite Perception, the capacity of infinite Perception or an infinite potential of Perception and experience. Now in order for us to make sense out of that - that Perception has to be narrowed down to a finite or discrete level of experience as a Human being. And that experience, the parameters of that experience have to do with the make-up of the Human body and it creates a certain pattern of experience called Human experience. It's only a finite characterization of experience, a sense of Human Reality.





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