World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Can you tell me why you stopped playing the violin?

CHRIS: I didn't want to be doing that in the first place, playing the violin. It wasn't me.

BRENT: What were you playing?

CHRIS: Orchestral pieces, Bach, Gershwin, Mozart, just classical stuff, musicals.

BRENT: And you hurt your hand

CHRIS: I ripped the skin of my left hand, the hand that I played the strings with.

BRENT: You got it caught in a pulley? How high in the air?

CHRIS: About twenty feet, it went up into the ridge pole in a barn, the hay loft. The whole ridge pole is a transportation device to this big trap door for your tractors and your hay conveyers. The door was so heavy and the leverage was too strong that my weight couldn't hold it. My farmer friend was on the outside knocking the door open. I just kept holding on to the rope and I ended up with my hand caught in the pulley at the top of the barn where it attached to the ridge pole. I couldn't get out without assistance. My friend released me by pushing the door back up from his tractor lowering me down to a point where I could let go of the rope and fall to the floor and we rushed to a doctor's office.

BRENT: How long did it take to heal?

CHRIS: It still bothers me. It's a scar that runs the full length of my forefingers. When it rains I can still feel it, all I remember is I wasn't able to play the violin. I dropped it my senior year. I was playing it since 3rd grade, eight years. I was more interested in other things like girls, drinking, dope this was 1967, 66-67, in the middle of the sixties. I had this old tape recorder. I would record my practice sessions and turn it on when I was supposed to be practicing and I would read science fiction books. I'm not a musician I am trying to find out what it means to be a Human being in this World even though music is certainly a part of that.



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