World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Can you tell me about Swedenborg's Heaven and Hell?

CHRIST: You have to read it. He describes in great detail, great detail Heaven and Hell and how these spheres of existence and experience operate. In the Spiritual World most everything is a factor of Love and Love is an Affinity characteristic greater or lesser, and toward objects of Perception that are very complex things that can contain all kinds of variations and shades of Love (attraction and/or repulsion) but in the physical World the distance between two people is not measured in linear distance its measured by an Affinity state, the degree of Affinity between Beings, the greater the Affinity the closer you are. If you want to communicate there is a connection in Affinity that joins you rather than using telephones or driving or taking an airplane here or there. You don't have to do that you just have to be in an Affinity state with the object of your Affection Because the Mind is such a complex of Images you can say it in simple terms but it's actually an extremely complex thing, personalities, identities, persons.


CHRIST: It's like Thoughts, when you think of something you don't have to take a trip to find a Thought. You just think about it. It's a resonant quality which means it just is present with the Intention. You don't have to drive 500 miles, it resonates in Consciousness instantaneously. The Reality that we share is an educated Reality, a trained in Program that allows you to associate things with names and so forth if you understand what you are looking at. If you don't know then there is no connection with it. A book doesn't become a conscious thing until you read it, before then it's just a paper with scribbles on it. You might be familiar with wood or squares but you wouldn't know what a book is. When you sit down with a book and read, if you are literate, you immediately understand it's a resonating energy form, this is how Genetics works. It creates a resonant pattern that energizes a living thing. This is Sheldrake; you should read "A New Science of Life, Morphogenesis. Morphos is form, Genesis is the Creation of. It is specializing in biological forms. It's the process that brings physical Reality out of seemingly nothing. When you get back to Ghosts, if you are resonating it that's your vibe, if you are resonating that then you will get Ghosts galore. I don't have any Ghosts in my Space. I've had a couple under extenuating circumstances but generally I'm really messed up in deep depression and looking for answers, which I'm not doing any more. With Ghosts there is a certain amount of Ignorance involved that allows that phenomena to be perceived. I think they are in a psychological confusion. Because of that they are a telephone waiting to ring. It's a state of Mind. And it can be so psychotic that the Ghosts can create self destructive effects on a person. It's the same thing with vampires and werewolves. Anything that has ever been imagined has a factual basis to it. Anyone who is adamant in saying these things don't exist, well the first thing you know about this person is they are utterly stupid. They are ignorant. It isn't a debate. You can't debate with these people. It's like trying to explain Einstein to a kindergartener. They are going to say that doesn't make any sense, if they can even speak. They would be more interested in candy or something. Human Beings are so fun, we are going to be terrorized by Godzilla, Ghosts, Extraterrestrials, Because of all the stuff we are imagining and do you Think trees and animals give a shit? It doesn't matter to them. Vampires, monsters, creatures, evil Spirits, doesn't mean a thing because they are not psychologically disturbed. They are not being attacked by Ghosts and not worried about bombs, theories, flu's because it doesn't mean anything to them, only to Human Beings and that is the Ego. It's only as important as the Ego dramatizes its own (self) importance. Ultimately it's not a big thing at all. To abstract into all these horrendous personal threats is a product of the Ego

BRENT: Do you think it's installed or is it already there?

CHRIST: I think it was installed as a motivational Program. And it allows people to be exploited, to be used, controlled and sometimes the bigger the Ego the more potential there is to be controlled. The Ego is a motivational component of the personality. It's more than that but that I Think is where it comes from.




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