World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


What is the significance of gold?

CHRIST: According to Zecharia Sitchin and his translations of the Sumerian tablets there was a Colonization of Earth around 500,000 years ago by the Anunnaki from a planet called Nibiru, a very ancient civilization and for some reason the atmosphere on their planet wasn't filtering sunlight, (not letting only viable Light through), the toxic ultra violet rays, radioactive rays are supposed to get blocked, only letting pro-Life radiation through. This is happening on Earth, we are damaging the viability by introducing chemicals that are allowing more and more ultra violet radiation through causing skin cancer to living organisms. On their planet they were putting gold dust into the atmosphere to create a sun filter like we Use sunglasses and they were running out of gold. They found that the Earth was rich in gold and they came down here to extract the gold from this planet, originally from seawater, later from mining operations. And that is fundamentally the whole story and they (eventually) Genetically Engineered a Human Race to do the mining (for them) and get this gold. And this is why gold is so precious. It goes back to a Time when the intrinsic value of gold was to preserve Life on their planet. And now we have stockpiles of gold, maybe, so if or when they come back to Earth we will have something to give them. Why else would it be important? I don't know. It matches this story.




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