World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


BRENT: What do Extraterrestrials have to do with Chakras?

CHRIS: Well I Think you have to understand what Extraterrestrials are in relation to the Human Race. In order to understand that you have to understand that we are connected in the same way. They have Chakras, we have Chakras because we are all basically part of the same lineage. The basic Understanding of the Human being is a genetically engineered Life form developed by scientists and geneticists immensely skilled and involving twelve Extraterrestrial Races, at least, sort of a universal contract. The Chakra process is common to all of these Races, the Chakra energy system of Human Beings is in common. At the very least you have twelve Extraterrestrial Races allowed to use this Human Space body to exist here on Earth under its biological and ecological conditions. You and I are maybe part of one Extraterrestrial component that is mixed with all these others and we share these characteristics of different Races, of carnivores, Reptilians, vegetarians, etc.

BRENT: Does the reptilian dominate?

CHRIS: They dominate because it is one of their basic characteristics to do so. They are Effective in doing this.

BRENT: Who signifies them?

CHRIS: The people who control the banks. They are the queens, the kings, the pharaohs. It’s called the Blue Bloods. They have these dominant characteristics. It’s the same racial characteristic David Icke is talking about when he talks about dominant characteristics, the Reptilians. I am not a reptilian. This is what they do. The people they dominate don’t do these things as it is not part of their natures and they can’t even imagine that they or anyone else could. I understand what’s happening.

BRENT: The majority of the world thinks what you are saying is insane talk. How can you be so sure?

CHRIS: Because I understand it. Because I’ve studied it for years and years. How many Times do you put your hand on a hot burning stove before you realize you shouldn’t do it anymore because it’s going to burn your fingers? I have a number of those learning experiences. What to do about that? That’s what we are doing right now - we are just talking about that. The Light Society developed a weapon called the Dream Gun and it has the power to break the illusion cast by these space beings.



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