World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Why was Muhammad taken to Heaven for one night.

CHRIST: What happened as I understand it with Mohammad if you study his case, he was a channeler and the biggest problem with being an open channel to Extraterrestrials or the Archangel Gabriel is that their way of communicating is not through written Language its though Images and expressions, telepathic expressions and the receiving terminal has to make sense out of it by describing his experience in his own Language and this is an example of the communication that forms the basis of the Koran, it is Mohammad's Divine responsibility out of the communication he was receiving from Gabriel to translate it into Arabic. Whatever made him a conduit for this I can't say except he was an extraordinary man and was open to a certain unique pattern, an unusual communication line and he struggled for years and years giving him migraine headaches, he would go off to his cave for weeks and weeks wondering where these impressions are coming from and what do they mean. And so his entire Life and the thing about the Koran is it's a history text it's not a fantasy text it's a chronology in the development and expression of this whole communication form. It became Islam and the Islamic empire, the cultural center of the World at that Time when the Roman Catholic Church was suppressing everything - the cultural "mantle" went to Baghdad. Even till a couple years ago the University of Baghdad was a most revered university on the planet. Islam actually saved the day in its Times and it would not have happened if Muhammad hadn't been the communication point and the communication he received was from an Extraterrestrial by the name of Gabriel. That's what happened as a result. The evidence is overwhelming. It became modern history as we know it today.





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