World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Sodom and Gomorra

CHRIS: They were Nuclear bombed into oblivion, totally eradicated by explosions a thousand Times more powerful than Nagasaki and Hiroshima. These cities (and there were others) were completely turned to glass and salt from the heat of these Nuclear explosions.

BRENT: The pillar of salt

CHRIS: It came from Sodom and Gomorrah and that's what happened to the people. After their bodies were vaporized all that was left was a pile of salt.

BRENT: Why did that happen?

CHRIS: Because the people living there were a by-product of the Genetic engineering and the resulting crossbreed, this went on for ten to hundreds of thousands of years, cities were built by the Nephilim or crossbreeds and they were considered by certain members of the Anunnaki royalty to be a total mistake, an abomination which is what the Old Testament is all about. A particular ruler decided to destroy these infested cities and that is what he did. They annihilated those two cities containing all of those people. Where do you Think our Atom Bombs come from today? It's not something new, it's very old and one of the best ways to attract Extraterrestrial attention is to fire off an Atom Bomb. It's clear as day. On a Galactic level the Anunnakis were doing something illegal. They weren't supposed to do that. The reason they did it was to Create a slave Race so the Anunnakis workers didn't have to do the mining anymore and it was against the laws of the other Galactic groups. It's the whole story of the Old Testament. They needed to disintegrate this Creation and they ended up doing it in Sodom and Gomorrah. It goes back to a blood feud between Enki and Enlil.

BRENT: This isn't the Pyramid wars

CHRIS: It's connected with it that's just a chapter in the story. Like I said I'm not really interested in this. The facts only help illuminate the underlining in our situation today. I know from certain studies that the Great Pyramid were not manmade. It had a cap stone that not only was a beacon but also a giant fuel cell and when the Anunnakis left they took all the technology with them. It was a fuel cell using a form of energy transmission, wireless, call Resonance processes, Tesla was working on this, that's what it was, it's called the power plant of Giza and the cap stone was a transmitter, an energy transmitter. And it provided energy to any kind of device in tune with its Resonance. In a very minute way it's how your cell phone works. It's a wave form that exists in the electromagnetic spectrum and all you need is receivers. The only reason we are using wires today is so the electrical companies can meter. Consider how many cell phone connections can be made in one square meter of Space? Yet it is all invisible and it doesn't matter where that square meter of Space is it can be anywhere on the Planet. This technology is an abstraction of the same ultimate technologies that produce Life forms in the Universe. A static resonance technology that transcends the Space/Time Continuum barriers of conventional physical/material science.

BRENT: Same thing with satellites?

CHRIS: In the very near future you will have lights or appliances that work without a power cell or a battery. You turn it on and it works. Energy will come from this invisible field and the appliance will be tuned to resonate with the energy in that field.





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