World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


The Asteroid Belt

CHRIS: It is frozen remnants of sea of water. In fact not only is it the frozen remnants of a sea, of water but it contains the Life forms that were in that water. We have these situations where all of a sudden it starts raining frogs, lizards, fish all of a sudden fall out of the sky- this is recorded supernatural occurrence. The sea that was flash frozen in Space contained all the Life forms and these asteroids if they ever make it here before they burn up they found that the Life on Earth is in meteorites and anything that was in the sea when it was sloshed off into deep Space and everything that was living in the ocean that was knocked off the planet is floating around in Space.

BRENT: This has to do with Tiamat?

CHRIS: Whatever you got from Sitchin is a diagram of this. This is a translation of Sumerian records, a translation of all these libraries. There was a big deal twenty years ago with all these books. The Sumerians created enduring records by making Timeless clay tablets. They are pictorial records in cuneiform and hieroglyphics and the pictures show the real things. In Egypt it was a capital offense to make a picture of something that didn't actually happen, it was a total blasphemy against the laws of Sun Ra or something. I have a set of books that have very interesting pictures of the Anunnaki, they don't look like us. They have elongated sculls and are considerably taller – both male and female. They are not Human Beings, they are Humanoid but they are not human.

BRENT: This is the Creation Epic for the Sumerians

CHRIS: For the Human Race, for Homo Sapiens.

BRENT: What is the actual event?

CHRIS: I don't mean the Human Race, I mean Earth's orbit. That is prior to the Anunnaki. It's just the astronomy about our Solar System according to the Anunnakis. This was their Reality of an event. That is why Earth was here in their estimation. The actual event of this collision in Space took place long before 500,000 BC when the Anunnaki Colonizations took place. Several hundreds of millions (if not billions) of years before. You have to look at the geological record going back into antiquity. For instance there's a problem with Understanding the Grand Canyon Because for some reason the Colorado River cut this canyon but the river would have had to have gone up hill and come down the other side over the top of a plateau several thousand feet high in order to clear out the canyon and no one knows how that could of happened. scientists found an approximate in passing celestial body that created an electrical discharge like a huge cosmic bolt of Lightning that carved out and disintegrated the mass of the Grand Canyon. A cosmic bolt of lightning of incomprehensible power that was due to the difference of electrical charge potentials of this body in passing by the Earth, another component of the 2012. We may have to be prepared for another discharge. Have you ever seen water go up hill?

BRENT: No, unless it has enough momentum?

CHRIS: And all the debris that would have been washed out of the canyon had to have gone somewhere but it doesn't exist. All the stuff we were taught in school in natural science is for the birds. Like Darwinism. It's total bullshit.





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