World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


About the Garden of Eden

CHRIS: Apparently that's where the Genetic experiments took place. That's its birth place. The Garden of Eden was an Anunnaki center, it was an Anunnaki city. And within this city the Genetic engineering of Homo Sapiens took place and it was successful. The first Humans were grown and educated there, Programmed to do their job. You don't need a whole lot of proof.

BRENT: You completely disagree with evolution

CHRIS: I don't disagree with an evolutionary process but I disagree with Darwin's theory of "The Evolution of the Species". It's total bullshit. It's a thesis. There is nothing of any real scientific evidence that proves any part of it. I don't need to argue about it. If you know the facts it's just the ranting and raving of a lunatic. It's like Carl Marx. He must have been paid to Create this pseudoscience. He got a ship and he got to go on all these adventures and he was reporting back to his royal sponsors. He was commissioned by someone, I don't know, the Queen of England? The Royal Academy of Sciences? And there is a side operation for these types of things. You find that Darwin's theory was just a cover story for what he was secretly commissioned to do which was to catalogue all these places (and things). His real reason for the Crown was intelligence. And this has happened over and over in history. You send out someone and the public explanation for it is this but the actual reason for it is confidential. This is true of Darwin and this is true of many others. This is how they operate. His scientific material was basically for public consumption. Even Darwin at the end of his Life refuted his own theories, I guess on your death bed you get a little bit more humble. I don't believe it because there isn't anything there but fiction. Whatever his mission actually was has never been revealed to the public sector.





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