World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


BRENT: I heard something about the snake being a wave form and the apple being a particle. So you have a wave turning into a particle.

CHRIS: It's how you are looking at it. It's a view point of Perception, it can appear one way or the other when it appears as a particle it's the material object which is a holographic Illusion. When it's a wave it's the underlying energy dynamics that Create that particular moment. A particle only exists at the moment that it's observed. It's kind of like a stroboscope Effect it's a trick of the Perception.

BRENT: We've been tricked into seeing what we see?

CHRIS: We haven't been tricked, that's a form of Creation that we are participating in. The only thing judgmental about it is whether you understand it or you don't. Physicists look at it this way as either a particle or a wave, most people don't even Think about it as being an energy characteristic because that's not included in their range of Perception. It's like the difference between the person who directs a show and being a spectator in the audience. The wave is everything that is happening behind the scenes to bring that Effect to you in the audience and there is a lot more involved in that "show" than the Effect itself, the Effect is a production.






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