World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Who is Osho?

CHRIS: You should check him out he is a really interesting character. I have a whole library of his stuff he is entertaining. There is a lot of Wisdom in his work similar to the Tao and the Zen made more palatable for the General Public. He has a very extreme sense of humor when he talks.

BRENT: I saw this video of him talking about sex and death

CHRIS: Was he funny?


CHRIS: Was he dressed in a silver suit?


CHRIS: The guy is hilarious yet the information he is giving you is phenomenal. I can't say it's going to solve the mysteries of the Universe. I have all this as comparative analysis to Scientology and mainly it's a comparative to Hubbard's work. Swedenborg was the main one for me. I came across a number of people with works of comparable magnitude and Osho is one of those characters.

BRENT: He was accused of being involved in orgies and wild parties?

CHRIS: Actually that is just a piece of information that came up recently when I was looking at him. He is deceased now but he had to leave the country he was exiled from the United States Because of this legal action against him he wasn't a citizen of the United States he was just here and what happens when you lose your right to be in the country you get deported.

BRENT: He wasn't involved in any...

CHRIS: Of course the controversy is that he was set up Because of what he was preaching and so he established his work elsewhere I Think in India which is where he was originally from. His international center is there he has centers all over the World now in France and Germany Indonesia and India. He has centers all over the World and they are pretty respectable places, pretty upscale people. Students come from all around the World and these are upscale intelligent people. He was a very funny guy the whole thing was humorous to him and that's traditionally the hallmark of a very wise person. These secular affairs are just comical the way they run their course because they are instigated by people who are crazy or obsessed with their own self righteous opinions.



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