World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


If you are Programmable, how do you know all the stuff you are talking about isn't a Program?

CHRIS: The Human Race is a Program, the essence of Buddhism is to de-Program; to transcend the Program as this gives you Understanding of what the Program is and how it works so you can recognize and deal with it intelligently. It is de-Programming to your essence and you more or less start over again and re-Program yourself to your more intuitive native instincts and your sense of what is right and appropriate. I'm not plugging Buddhism but if you want to find out where you are "at" one of the only effective initiatives is Buddhism because that is what it's designed to do. Until you de-Program you are completely captivated by the status quo.

BRENT: What are the ways of de-Programming?

CHRIS: I don't know of any other more effective ways actually – my way is certainly not very expedient for anyone else!

BRENT: Drugs?

CHRIS: No. You respond and react to drugs according to your programmed mental state. If you are looking at things from a Programmed State of Mind the drugs are going to reinforce that. Your experience is going to be reinforcement. If you are going to Use drugs you need to Use them in an environment and under competent supervision that is designed for de-Programming yourself. And almost everyone who has gone this route has combined themselves with the disciplines of Buddhism, and Zen especially. It wouldn't be necessary to find something else because these practices are probably the best in any time. That is what they are. You are welcome to try and find something else but it's like you don't need to because the best techniques are already available in these traditional practices. And then education and wisdom that becomes transcendent if you are really diligent about it - posing transcendent questions and being conscientious about finding your answers, that is a route to de-Programming. You can't effectively recognize the bullshit unless you have something to compare it to. Even so that particular process is a real psychological maze and the primary process of Buddhism transcends the complexities of this activity. You are going to arrive there anyways. Any intuitive process in that direction is going to be a benefit. If you have no Intention to de-Program then what's the point, you are just going to go along with the Program and you are going to force that on others around you. You have to ask if you want to change, is there something you want to know about, are you curious or are you just totally consumed by the Program and some romantic or sensational notion prompted by it. There has to be some intuitive spark that prompts you to go in that direction. Nobody can convince you of going in that direction. It's a personal issue.

BRENT: What do you mean?

CHRIS: It's a complex issue but you don't have to resolve all of that you just have to transcended it, there is nothing there to resolve, it's the past, that's history, the facts of the past, the Truth of the past. It is what it is. The only problem you have is in Understanding it fully. You can't change the past. The only thing you can change is the course of now, the Reality that we are living. Any time you make transcendental decisions you can change that Reality because that is a projection into the future. Little decisions, it doesn't matter. You are constantly making decisions based on your character. The ultimate place where any change is going to occur is in your decision process. And if you can find the information and the inspiration or the desperation to search for the solution to an immediate situation or problem and you can find the right information for making a transcendent decision then you are on your way. If not you are just going to be spinning your wheels in the sand.

BRENT: You were talking about intuition

CHRIS: There were a bunch of studies on the native intuitive purpose of a person. What causes you the biggest amount of trouble is to go "off purpose" or out ethics, then your decision making process becomes perverted especially in your Time sequence, your change in Time sequence can put you into an accident, like if you had decided to take that walk a bit earlier or later then something unanticipated wouldn't have happened. This becomes critical in the lower zones, people being Effect of the Program. When you transcend that your decisions lead you in a more viable direction. Your liabilities of accidents will not be as great. You won't be endangered by these chances because you will be on track. You fall into temptation, you find yourself a white boy in Harlem at midnight and your chances of surviving there are nil. What are you doing in Harlem in the first place, at least twenty years ago, I don't' know what it's like now. It has to do with your decisions. The decision comes from you. De-Programming puts you on a more viable track. You are making decisions that will take you further from endangerment and foolishness. And that is the direction of Buddhism and Zen and Transcendental Meditation and Yoga. If you concentrate on these pro survival things nothing is going to become a liability for you.




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