World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Is there an end?

CHRIS: There is no end. There is just a direction you either go this way or you go that way. It's your decision. But if you decide to go the way of Transcendence and Enlightenment and Buddhism and Zen then you are going free and you're free. In Scientology you are less free, ordered to comply with rules and authority. That is not Freedom. There is no Freedom there. They say that's the "Road To Total Freedom." Give me a break! That is the road to total slavery. Where do they get the idea that that is Freedom? This is not Freedom. Most religion is a Program.

BRENT: Buddhism is not?

CHRIS: No, Buddhism is not a Program. It is a de-Program. It is totally obvious if you understand it. Look at everything they are doing. That's all Programming or re-Programming and the only Freedom that is guaranteed is you are going to be this or that, a Proprietary Programmed Individual, a personal proprietary product.Where is the Freedom in that?



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