World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Do you Mind talking about Sawsen?

CHRIS: She comes from a town south of Baghdad on the river called Al Shatra in Nazria you have probably heard about them in the Gulf War campaigns. Her father died when she was four she had 11 brothers and sisters her mother had 12 kids and two of them died in infancy. She has 10 living brothers and sisters. Her father, all the data I can put together, was assassinated. He was poisoned.


CHRIS: That's a common way they do it to the prisoners, for a political reason. He didn't have any Intention of joining the Bath party.

BRENT: Saddam's party?

CHRIS: Yeah he assassinated the democratically elected president of Iraq. The Trilateralist's hired Saddam to assassinated him and take over power in the country as a dictatorship. He was our man until after the Iran Iraq war which we instigated and supplied all the weaponry for as a geopolitical strategy in the region. Saddam was basically an assassin a cold blooded killer, passionless, no conscience, and the CIA and the British intelligence and the Israeli intelligence hired him. Israel had just been founded but obviously they were pulling the strings with plans for the entire region.


CHRIS: So after the end of the 7 or 8 year war that we had instigated - when that ended Iraq had hundreds of thousands of battle trained troops that had been on the Iranian lines for years, there was what appears to be a political split between the Southern Contingent and the Northern Contingent and it seems the South was entertaining a plan to take over Iraq and take the power away from Saddam. The Southern Contingent were ordered down to the Kuwaiti border and eventually slaughtered in a mock invasion of Kuwait initially sanctioned by George Bush but then condemned by the action of Gulf War One in 1991.

See Appendix Note: VII Re: US Black Ops in Kuwait


CHRIS: Because the Southern Contingent was posing a political challenge to Saddam's regime. They didn't want to put up with him anymore. Such an Iraqi revolution could not be allowed because it wasn't ok with the Jews, the British, The United States, it wasn't part of their agenda so Gulf War One was instigated by this coalition and a "third party" conflict was generated along the Kuwaiti border. The U.S. went down there and slaughtered all these Iraqi troops. In fact Sawsen's brother was on the front lines there. His entire division was slaughtered by the Americans. He made it out alone on foot across the dessert from Southern Iraq all the way back to Baghdad.

BRENT: And then what happen to him?

CHRIS: He was killed in a hit and run accident on a Baghdad freeway. He was retired from his military position Because Saddam only wanted loyal officers and his loyalty was in question. Then it was necessary in Gulf War Two, Desert Storm to finish the job of deposing him, getting rid of him and his whole regime.


CHRIS: Since 1984 the Israelis had a plan to balkanize the entire region and create sections (ethnic states) with the Kurdish in the north, the Shiite in central and the Sunnis in the south around Basra and the Kuwaiti border and the area by Jordan coming up around Palestine they were going to relocate the Palestinians there. The Israelis wanted to control the entire region, primarily for its water and oil.

BRENT: Because of the rivers?

CHRIS: These Iraqi rivers are the main source of water for the entire region - the Tigris and Euphrates. They come down from the mountains along the borders with Turkey and Iran. The waters flow down from the mountains across the entire region and they drain at Basra into the gulf. That is the number one source of water in that region. Right now the Israelis make their water from the desalinization of seawater. There used to be an oil pipeline from the Iraqi oilfields into Port Haifa in Northern Israel but this pipeline had been closed for years due to the various contentions between Israel and Iraq.

BRENT: Can you tell about her immediate family and how they are safe?

CHRIS: They had to apply for immigration visas and it took well over ten years to accomplish that. It was started in 1995. Zaid was accepted into the United States because he's single and his older brother Haider and his family were accepted into Canada because they are trained professionals and Canada welcomes professionals. Other members of her family have gone to other places in the World.

BRENT: These are her sons.

CHRIS: Yes. A number of Sawsen's family had fairly high positions in Saddam's administration and the Iraqi Middle Class. One of her brother in laws was a General in the Iraqi army. He was sent with his divisions to fight against Iran during the Iran Iraq War and when he confronted the Iranian army he surrendered his entire army because he didn't believe Muslims should be fighting Muslims. He ended up in an Iranian prison for 25 years. They just recently released him back to his wife in Baghdad. He couldn't be set free earlier because Saddam would have executed him for such treason. He surrendered his entire army without any loss of Life. After Saddam was deposed the Iranians released him back to his family. If they would have released him earlier Saddam would have had him executed. The Iraqi prisoners weren't badly treated because of their Islamic Muslim traditions. They are all Muslims.

BRENT: What's the difference between Shiites and Sunnis?

CHRIS: The Sunnis feel that the Imam should have the last Word and all authority over Islam and the Shiites feel that Muhammad's family members, his airs, should have the authority over Islam.




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