World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


You don't have to hold a gun to someone's head if they are already doing what you want.

CHRIS: We have a very sophisticated way of dominating our own population it's called " The Dumbing Down of America" agenda. It's like in the 60's the campaign was to disrupt the student democratic movements because the students were becoming very literate and knowledgeable about U.S. domestic and foreign policies and they were demonstrating against this and the Vietnam War and other ongoing wars in South and Central America - so U.S. agent provocateurs went in and disseminated LSD, Heroin and Pot from college campus to college campus turning everyone on to drugs and deliberately inciting violence in student and civil demonstrations in order to discredit and diffuse the evolving student movements.

BRENT: Where did LSD come from?

CHRIS: LSD was developed as a chemical weapon, to dump it into the water supply of any city you wanted to establish Marshall Law would effectively disorient the entire population there and when taken over and they wouldn't even know what happened because they would all be tripping. It was used in the 60s to disrupt the student democratic movement, deliberately. And that is what you see when you look at the sixties a giant bio chemical implant, disrupting the mental capacity of negotiating any kind of a real future, drugs, sex and rock and roll. Not that I minded it. I thought it was a very exciting, entertaining, and enlightening experience. But I didn't know the details until much later in my life. If you go back a century before that you have the opium wars, the same sort of tactic was being run on China. Saturate China with opium to incapacitate the entire population of China. It is not the first time this device was used to disorient and dislocate an entire population, or culture.




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