World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


You always Loved Science Fiction as a kid

CHRIS: Yeah, I Love science fiction, Arthur Clark, Robert Heinlein who was LRH's college mate. You know what he calls Scientologists? He calls them Rondroids. He was a college mate of Hubbard's.

BRENT: Zecharia Sitchin named his book the twelfth planet even though it was only the tenth that he could prove but he did it anyway because his publisher thought it was a good idea. He admitted this.

CHRIS: It's just the title of the book.

BRENT: But if he could invent that?

CHRIS: It's not lying about anything it's just a matter of semantics in creating a title for his book. The planet that was Earth was called Tiamat. Nibiru crashed into it and the Earth acquired one of Nibiru's Moons.

BRENT: Could this be science fiction?

CHRIS: No, because it's empirical fact. It's out there to see and to see the scars on the Earth and also on Mars, the Asteroids are there, and the exotic nature of the Moon; and so too the Earthbound Artifacts from which Sitchin's translations come. You can believe anything that you want. In my studies what Sitchin is talking about makes a lot of sense. I don't think he is covering everything. I think he is focused on this one subject. I find him an extremely interesting and enlightened character because what he is doing is interpreting the pictograms on the clay tablets from time of the Sumerians and times actually predating them. As far as official history goes civilization started with the Egyptians around 6000 BC. It's like a collective amnesia. A substantial portion of the Human Race was destroyed in much more ancient times leaving only 12,000 Human Beings left on the planet due an event that occurred in Indonesia and from that volcanic eruption extinction level event prehistory must pick up the pieces and Sitchin is doing a pretty good job of that in my estimation.

BRENT: He is interpreting clay tablets?

CHRIS: Yes, of the Sumerians around 6000 BC. Same goes for the Egyptians. The only remnant of that is the Egyptian book of the dead, the funeral rites of a prier civilization. The entire civilization bloomed on this one book of funeral rites, the technology of embalming bodies and what to do with the dead nobility. The rest just didn't make any sense. Why should I think Sitchin is babbling science fiction when he is a Sumerian translator? An interpreter of ancient artifacts and he is one of the most accomplished scholars of this field in the World. He just happens to have a pretty good sense of humor and from what I can see he doesn't give a damn whether you believe him or not because belief doesn't have anything to do with what he's saying.

BRENT: Maybe it's about books sales?

CHRIS: He is not a rich man. He is growing old and doesn't have many years left. I doubt he is doing it for the money. I don't base all my credibility on Sitchin I just think he is an interesting character. There are scores of individuals contributing to our Understanding of things the way they actually are. He just happens to specialize in the Sumerian texts.

BRENT: What is the asteroid belt?

CHRIS: The asteroid belt is supposedly a demolished parts of a planet, the seas of a collision between Nibiru and Tiamat according to Sitchin. The asteroid belt is there between Jupiter and Mars. Where you think it comes from I suppose is anybody's guess. The Earth has gone though extraordinary contortions throughout its geological history and the record of that can be seen. You can see how the crust of Earth has been crumpled tossed and turned in incomprehensible ways. According to Sitchin in those asteroid blocks of frozen seawater are fishes and frogs flash frozen and preserved in in Space - giant particles of ocean splattered off into Space and flash frozen by the deep cold, like cosmic glaciers. Occasionally some of these blocks of ice have fallen back to Earth and there are accounts of frogs and fish raining down from the sky!

BRENT: You don't think the Moon is part of our ocean?

CHRIS: According to Sitchin the Moon is not originally from here it was captured from the invading planet. Part of our seas went off into the asteroid belt and we captured the Moon. There has to be something that accounts for all this and it sure isn't Darwin's theory of evolution where everything just happened by a cosmic twist of fate .You don't' have to think about it. It just is. There is no responsibility or anything. There is no God no purpose. Be happy for your Life and make the best of it while you are still alive. It's all just one great big accident. Of course one could interpret this cosmic event in that way but it would seem that there is much more to this in relation to Life on Earth.





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