World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


How about the dark side of the Moon

CHRIS: The Moon is a complete anomaly compared to the other celestial bodies in our solar system. It has a very precise and intensely peculiar orbital pattern. It rotates in an exact geosynchronous orbit so that only one side of the Moon ever faces the Earth and we never see the other side. So whatever is on the other side has been subject to a lot of speculation in the astronomical sectors and Space sectors as to why whatever is going on the other side is completely hidden from our point of view on Earth. It would seem that such an orbit is intelligently controlled. It's an indicator of some intelligent process. The rest of the celestial bodies don't have this precise anomaly. It's so precise that it can't be accidental. You have to understand that less than one percent of one percent of the material that they have has been released to the public from the JPL and so on and the public is paying for this. Rightfully they should have access to every single part of this. The material that is released shows us nothing.

BRENT: Do we have any current Space project to go to the Moon?

CHRIS: We have a Space project right now. We are going to send a projectile that may already be in transit to one of the hemispheres for the Moon to Create a crater to see if the Moon is hollow. They are going to listen to the Resonance (echo) patterns of this impact. The entrance point where all the speculative activity is on the dark side of the Moon. Only one side is forever facing the Earth. Several astronauts have seen it and we have high resolution surveys of the Moon but only one percent of one percent of this material has ever been released to the public because it reveals intense activity on the dark side. There is a giant rift on the dark side, and opening into the Moon.

BRENT: A giant rift?

CHRIS: Like the Grand Canyon it is a rift except this is whole, it's like a planetary vagina a giant opening in the Moon hundreds and hundreds of miles long and it goes inside the Moon. Suppossedly the Moon is hollow - it's a hollow shell and all this stuff that is going on is going on in and out of there it's almost as if the Moon is a giant space ship. The fixture of this Moon seems totally Intentional – because it's intelligently operating. They say our astronauts were kicked off the Moon by the ET's living there. Even on Pravda.

BRENT: You said Pravda's like the Russian Washington post right?

CHRIS: Yeah, my thoughts and words get a bit slurred from time to time – please excuse me! You know I drink a bit.



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