World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


Do you think that OSHO is into this?

CHRIS: When you read Osho you understand Osho you aren't' comparing him to anyone else you just experience his Reality you don't adulterate it or change it you just understand it, you experience it, and it's a cool, refreshing, funny experience. He has a great sense of humor. If you are taking the World seriously read Osho and you won't take it so seriously anymore, that is if you have half a brain cell. There is no real crisis.

BRENT: Okay I remember reading in one of his books let there be Spaces in our togetherness. What does this mean?

CHRIS: The main point is when you are dealing with another person you have to take into consideration what the other persons Intentions are for being there and having a relationship with you as well. Unless you fully understand that all you are doing is playing some competitive recreational relationship sport like tennis ping pong ball or foot ball. You are just playing a game a competitive game of one person's perspective vs. another person's perspective and you happen to be the person involved in this with them. Your relationship is that you are the other person involved with their game and that person might not be who you think they are and you may not be who you think you are to that other person – who you are at all in this game is who they think you are or expect you to be that matters. It's a very dramatic game because both of you don't really know what you are doing or why. You can be captivated by this process for years and years. You need to enter into this kind of relationship respecting each other's space.




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