World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


What is the role of sex or is there one?

CHRIS: Well fundamentally its procreation as an actual energy in its creative form. It's the act of universal Creation and reproduction of that Creation.

BRENT: A lot of people use drugs and sex together.

CHRIS: You are talking about two different things, the sensual, sensational experience and the creative experience.

BRENT: How are they separate?

CHRIS: What is your definition of sex? The role of sex is reproduction.

BRENT: You said you don't believe in evolution.

CHRIS: I don't believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. Every Time you sit down to cook a meal there is an evolutionary process. A series of steps to accomplish that result. Obviously when a sperm and an egg unite in conception the evolutionary process is visually apparent. You can see it evolving through its different stages of growth and that represents the meaning of evolution. It is infinitely a factor of creative intelligence – cause. From the point of conception of a Life cycle there is an evolutionary process taking place. But Darwin's theory takes into consideration this thing called random mutation or accidents of nature to account for all of this creative function and there has never been any evidence that the steps that he postulated have any actuality in any way. Real life evolution is guided by an intelligent creative intentional causative process. And that intelligent creative process has to work through a series of developmental process. A computer is a product of an evolutionary process but it's the product of an intelligent evolutionary process. Darwin's theory says there is no intelligence involved it's just random interactive complexity resulting in the creations of life we participate in as Human Beings – which – in my opinion is about as stupid as it gets - for a "scientist" to say something like that is either stupid or a deliberate intention to obscure or occult public Perception of the Divine nature of intelligent Creation.


CHRIS: The one thing about sex in this whole process if you look at the demographic the sexual act is done in totally ignorant acts of unbridled passion or lust. If you look at the situation in Africa the sexual behavioral dynamics there it's just awful -catastrophically bad. And the results are in accord with that. I say ¾ of sexual behavior is guided by total insanity in the Human Race - completely irresponsible activity. It's like taking drugs or anything else. It's sensational, frivolous, spurious, entertainment; self-gratification and none of those have a responsible attribute. You get this situation in the Third World where ignorant people are making babies by the billions with no intelligent responsibility for their future lives. Amidst utterly unsustainable conditions. And each time you make a baby you will have a person – and then we have the Human Rights crowd assigning privilege to this person as a byproduct of some utterly irresponsible sexual behavior – All you can get out of this is mass self destruction. We now have a New World Order Global 2000 agenda that is planning to reduce the current population of this Earth by 3-4 billion people through forced genocide. This is will be the drastic consequence of psychotic Human Sexual behavior.

BRENT: Crowley and other occult groups say there is a power to be harnessed.

CHRIS: It's very possible Kundalini has to do with the chakras the base chakra. It's inherent in music, the power of beat rhythm and art, film, literature. There is an intense power, it's the Kundalini and he specialized in it. It's a very major practice in magical practices and witchcraft and voodoo. Hubbard was involved in this. Rituals all around the World harness this type of energy.

BRENT: What is it?

CHRIS: It's Kundalini. It's the energy of the base chakra. There are seven chakras. The bass chakra is the sexual chakra, sexual energy. All this type of energy has to do with sublimation. You ever hear about sublimation.

BRENT: A little.

CHRIS: You have to study Freud and his contemporary Carl Jung having to do with dreams and visual projections, also fans of Swedenborg. You have to look up sublimation. It's a very significant definition for psycho analysis. Hubbard Uses it all the Time in dynamics but he doesn't call it that. It is critical to this question about sex.


CHRIS: Because you have to understand sublimation, you have the body which is a sensual instrument with hunger and pain and cravings and feelings and you have all of this nervous energy including the chakra energies into your Mind and your Mind has to make some kind of sense out of all this into your social paradigm and the process of sublimation is the intellectual development of all these feelings into something that makes sense to the Human Mind. All of our sensory gratification comes from this. Everything is a sublimation of these sensational impulses into Words, into a picture. Into all the archetypical characters and the different plots and they are all just hashed around in a kaleidoscopic fashion this is sublimation. Into a realistic experience that we can interpret and describe in Words and call good or bad pleasurable or unpleasant an the process of interpretation is called sublimation. This is the whole basic structure of psycho analysis. How do we experience Life? We eat. What are we actually doing if you look at the process of eating and look at the body from a transparent sense it's extremely gross. All of this stuff is sublimated into a romantic fantasy that sits on top of all this stuff. And that is what sublimation is in the Mind. The actual process is rather gross and perhaps disgusting but the way that we interpret it is something exquisite ecstatic orgasmic. We experience it in this romantic sense and we describe it in art and poetry and literature and at the same Time the source of all this is a very primitive and animalistic pattern Generated by nerves and hormones and we refine it into this exquisite artistic and aesthetic experience. Sublimation and aesthetics and art. All this stuff that that goes on behind these scenes the technical stuff that you don't see and only the experience of the Illusion called Maya is what we interpret and that is sublimation. There are other definitions too, it's described by science and chemistry. This is the psycho analytic definition having to do with the Human Mind.

BRENT: How do you harness this power?

CHRIS: Energy. We are talking about energy. Everything in this World is an expression of energy, there are myriad infinite levels and forms of energy, multi dimensional, hyper dimensional energies that make up the Reality we are experiencing.

BRENT: Kundalini is the energy?

CHRIS: It is the name for this energy. It is just a Word for this energy. Yoga meditation and magic are the practices, the intellectual manipulations of this energy. It's dealing with the raw energy of the chakras.




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