World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


The Mayans and a criminal exploitation of ignorance?

CHRIS: When the Spanish came here after Columbus they ran into this civilization that was here. The short term antiquity Mexican Maya Inca Aztec the civilization that preceded them was the Olmec in Central and South America contemporaneous with the Egyptian, and civilizations of the Old Testament. The Maya Aztec and Inca are all centuries removed from the original Olmec, as incredible as the Pre-Egyptians were at building Pyramids. We can’t even do this today - explain what they were capable of. But when the Spanish conquistadors came it contradicted everything they were talking about in Christianity. So they set out to obliterate any remnants of it.

BRENT: How long ago had these people been living there?

CHRIS: Their heritage goes back to the Old Testament. The conquistadors actually contacted the offshoots of the Olmec civilization. 50 Generations of people wiped out, only leaving the remnants of a civilization that had been there 2000 years before. Their leader at the Time the conquistadors came was actually expecting them.

BRENT: What do you mean expecting?

CHRIS: Because he was the king, the leader at the point of the Spanish contact, he was the president, the emperor, the czar. You know what I’m saying. But his position was preceded by almost 2000 years of culture obliterated from the history we are being taught. That’s what the Roman Catholics were doing, that’s what the conquistadors were doing at the Time under orders from the Pope to wipe out any evidence of anything that contradicted the vision of Christianity. That is why they wiped out the Central and South American culture. When they arrived, this guy was the leader and was expecting this contact. This is the fact, consider all the sports they were playing – basketball, baseball, soccer, football - were from the games they were playing in Central and South America. They had great big arenas and we adapted them to basketball, baseball, football and soccer, not only that, they were the precursors to the celestial calendar that we are using today. But all these celestial calendar days have Christian Holy Days super imposed over them by the Catholic Church. Take a look around. It’s all a result of what they we're doing in the Holy Roman Empire.

BRENT: Let’s take a break.

CHRIS: It’s only like the tip of the iceberg. It’s like the Chakras before Kundalini. It’s so fucking funny. We’re just pissing in the toilet. I sure wish I had some pot or some hashish Because it would open a few doors but I can’t do that Because I’d get fired and evicted and be totally Useless to anybody. But I smoked more pot… I used to eat hashish like Hershey’s candy bars.

BRENT: I’m going to have a cup of tea.

CHRIS: I can’t get you stoned. I’ve been trying all evening.

BRENT: I get stoned when I want.

CHRIS: Bourbon helps me keep my Mind. If you were to do some of the actions I might recommend to you, if you were to try Vipassana, the experience is beyond anything you could ever imagine. If you choose to follow the whole Program through. Within ten days I experienced something I wouldn’t have had unless I could spend 2 hundred thousand dollars, something I’ve been wrangling with since Vietnam. You can go and do it as long as they accept you there. You just have to participate in the Program for ten days, they feed you, they give you room and board, it’s not religious, it’s not Spiritual, it’s a scientific process that opens up your Perceptions to the exact nature of your being in this World, between you and the body. They offer this for free for ten days. And you can walk away with nothing but your experience. If you can make it through, not everyone could (you can walk out at any time and just leave); they separate the boys and the girls until the final day of the course and silence is the fundamental rule - you don’t speak to or make eye contact with anyone except the teacher and his assistants throughout the course and until the last day. Most religions can’t hold a candle to that experience in a million fucking years. They are a criminal exploitation of Ignorance.



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