World History X

By Brent Paul Pearson


How did you become so interested in Aliens?

CHRIS: It was my UFO experience, seeking answers to what was going on after that. It’s a really intense communication that takes your entire life to understand.

BRENT: You told me a little bit about it, you were driving…

CHRIS: That was the second one by Mountain Home Air Force Base. It actually pulled me over like a police car, this array of lights of different sizes and colors as an indistinct structure about the size of a small helicopter. When I got out of the truck and walked toward this bundle of lights I got within maybe five, ten yards and it started moving away as I was getting closer to it. From the first moment I became aware of it, it was communicating to me with two-way impressions. It sat perhaps 50 yards away on the plateau.

BRENT: For how long?

CHRIS: Just a few minutes, the whole thing lasted about ten minutes which is a long Time. Normally you see it and it’s gone.

BRENT: What was the first experience?

CHRIS: The first one was definitely the most impressive. That was a big ship. I was with my friends in this gold Ford Mustang convertible and we were coming back in the fall, a clear night at a point in the fall when the leaves are mostly off the trees. We pulled into their horse farm, the highest point in Monroe County, NY. As we were getting out of the car in the dark my attention was drawn to the tree line. It looked like Christmas tree Lights and I said look at that! I had to get out there to see what was causing that affect. The Lights were blinking and there were about a hundred Lights over an architectural site that I had worked on. A huge dark circular object motionless and silent suspended in the air over this site - with Lights blinking in an evenly rotating pattern around its circumference. I went running down the dirt road ecstatic. It just blew my Mind right out. I felt like I’d been shipwrecked or stranded on a desert island and all of a sudden you find a ship anchored in the cove and you try anything to get their attention. I wanted them to get me out of this place and it started to move quietly and there was this intense feeling of energy. The moment was energized. The craft then headed off to the south west and all the Lights just sort of converged to a point and disappeared off the horizon. And these other guys were actually terrified by it. We called the police and made a phone report and I later wrote a report and sent it to NICAP (the National Investigations Committee for Arial Phenomena). They were afraid of it, hiding behind the ridgeline, being very cautious. We never talked about it again. They don’t talk about it. I’m the only one who talks about it. I don’t know why that is. So you know I went into the US Navy working on airfields and an aircraft carrier, working around airplanes. I became familiar with all the different kinds of aircraft and you know we don’t have anything that compares to that UFO craft. It defied all contemporary science.

BRENT: What year was this?

CHRIS: That was in fall of 1965, probably in October. I made a report to the citizen’s group (NICAP) who was reporting to congress which was subsequently taken over by the Majestic 12. Admiral Roscoe H Hillenkoetter took over that group. I was exchanging correspondence with NICAP and received their congressional report in the mimeograph format. I got very interested in the subject. When Admiral Hillenkoetter took it over as I continued contact with this group while in the US Navy, he turned the whole NICAP publication thing into the Playboy Magazine of the UFO genre. All kinds of promotional stuff, in coffee cups and t-shirts, spun it off in a different direction. It lost all credibility, Generating confusion. The scientific direction became spurious, for sensationalism and entertainment value only. The actual subject became classified “above top secret.” It seems only twelve authorized people were privy to this information and they were determined to turn the public Reality of it into a fantasy, a fabrication. It’s an old story. Admiral James Forrestal was also one of the twelve members. The aircraft carrier I was stationed on, the USS Saratoga, relieved the USS Forrestal, named after him, in Vietnam after a very catastrophic fire that occurred on the flight deck. The person responsible for the fire on the USS Forrestal was John McCain. He did what you call a wet burn to impress the pilot that was next in line. The flame hit a one thousand pound bomb, exploded the entire flight deck and killed 140 sailors. The whole flight deck just exploded, the USS Forrestal Fire. John McCain was responsible. His people had to get him off the ship because other Navy officers and sailors were going to kill him.

BRENT: What does this have to do with the Majestic Twelve?

CHRIS: Admiral James Forrestal was one of the twelve and the Forrestal was my sister ship in Vietnam. I was on the USS Saratoga. Anyway James Forrestal was supposedly put in a mental institution to keep him quiet as he wanted to release this information to the public. Here he supposedly committed suicide by putting a sheet around his neck and jumping out of a window. He was institutionalized because he was adamant about making this thing public. They had to shut him up and get rid of him. Even Eisenhower at one Time was taken and briefed in person by the Majestic Twelve, into a high security hanger where they were keeping a couple of these recovered disks from UFO crashes. He was personally briefed. Boeing, and selected aerospace military contractors, were the only ones to which the information was given. A lot of the technology we have today is back engineered into plastics, computers, and Nano technology - came from this and it’s been trickling out into the public, i.e. Apple computers, from these sources, like the Roswell craft. They studied this stuff to see how this works, the controls. They found that the imbedded technology was actually invisible. No more than a microscopic spot on a piece of plastic, products reverse engineered from these crashes and from the aliens themselves. The World is changing rapidly from technology copycatted from the crashed flying devices and various relationships with Extraterrestrial who are aware of these sciences so far advanced to our own. I Think that’s pretty self evident now.

BRENT: I remember seeing a comic of this in a magazine recently.

CHRIS: I can just say if you look in that direction that is what you are going to find. It’s like someone asks you directions and you tell them you turn a hundred miles down an endless dirt road and that’s pretty much how you deal with these subjects and you will find that it’s all scientifically validated. I could rattle them off in the course of speaking and people will come and say you’re full of shit and won’t go see for themselves. Even if you can tell them the references they say you are full of shit. You have to really do your homework. The majority of the people want you to do all the work to convince them. You can’t run a legitimate democracy with people like that because they are not responsible enough and critical information is completely censored from them. It’s just a free for all. And it’s going to turn into Marshal Law as this so called democracy doesn’t work Because the conditioned public has about the same amount of intelligence as puppet characters on Sesame Street.




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