Dream Vision

by Emil Xaro


(still being edited)

:: Introduction ::

It is not completely acurate to say I invented Future Eyes because the idea came to me one day in the bath while I was staring through crystals, watching the flickering candles, and contemplating The Light Societ - the group who showed me the possibilities of crystal refraction - and then I came up with the idea of this new invention which allow people to see into the future (and into dreams) by refracting visible light.

Here is what the glasses look like:



These glasses have multifaceted lenses which capture a spectrum of possibility. After wearing them for a couple of weeks I noticed that each facet of the lens allows me to see a possible outcome of the future. There are twelve unique futures projected, and I see them all. Whenever I show anyone these new glasses they seem confused at first, and then, after they get familiar with them, they are grateful for what they have seen, for what I have shown them.

The group called The Light Society visits me in my sleep and they have told me things they wanted me to do with these glasses. They also introduced me to a man named Charlie who has become my confidant and my chauffeur. He is a handsome, young man. He does anything I ask him to do. He drives me each day wherever I want to go. He is my assistant and my closest friend.

Charlie was there on the day that I first met The Light Society. I had fallen asleep in an old, abandoned construction site that had become a haven for graffiti artists. I was lying asleep on the grass and awoke to six men and women surrounding me. A man wearing red reached out his hand and gave me a necklace with a crystal attached to it, then pointed toward a black car that was parked on the street. A driver was standing next to the opened rear door gesturing for me to get in. The driver was Charlie.

I got up and walked toward the car and went in, because I had nothing else to do and he drove me to an empty warehouse building in downtown Los Angeles where I was allowed to live.

From then on each morning right after I woke up I sat up in my bed and meditated on my dreams, and on The Light Society who visited me almost every night in a dream and told me what I was supposed to do, and once I had a clear vision of what I was going to do that day I got up, showered, toweled off, brushed my teeth and hair and dressed - I almost always wore black pants and a white shirt, with suspenders, and I brought my glasses with me whenever I left the house, placed carefully in the inside pocket of my jacket.

When I was ready to leave I went down to the basement where Charlie would be waiting to take me wherever I wanted to go.



Future Eyes



















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